Chief Steamer 155 (240 Volt)


Chief Steamer 155 (240 Volt)

$ 2,499.00


Introducing the compact but POWERFUL new Chief Steamer 155. If you are looking for a high pressure and high volume steamer, but want it to be smaller than diesel, or our other competitor, take a look at this. Available in 240 volt-only, the new Chief Steamer 155 is a step up from our hugely popular 125 machine. At 155 PSI and 240 Volts powering it, this machine will make you think twice about diesel or any other larger steamer out there.


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This new Chief Steamer was well over a year in development and we are extremely happy to finally introduce it.  The 155 is the big brother to our 125. HOWEVER, its not just a jacked up 125 that has been pushed up for higher pressure. First, it’s 240 volt only which provides more power and allows for a much bigger heater to make and maintain steam. Second, we engineered this from the ground up, with key components that are even more heavy duty. If you have a 240 volt electrical source, this may be the machine for you

  • 155 PSI
  • Thicker stainless steel body. Adds slightly more weight but makes it even more rigid
  • weighs 39 pounds
  • Continuous fill from water tank into the boiler. No down time
  • Super duty 304 AISI stainless steel boiler which meets all industry-standard codes
  • LIFETIME warranty on this boiler
  • LIFETIME warranty on the heating element
  • 3-year warranty on internal electrical components
  • Boiler size- 4 Liter (total volume of water and steam)
  • Large 5L tanks for water fill and chemical injection
  • Fast heat time of 7-8 minutes for a boiler this large
  • Large volume of steam delivery. 240 Volts keeps steam coming
  • 365 degrees of steam inside the boiler
  • about 300 degrees at nozzle after losing some temperature through the long 16 foot hose
  • 16 foot steam and injection hose
  • steam pressure adjustment from valve on front
  • chemical injection adjustment from valve on front
  • 14 foot power cord
  • 39 pounds empty
  • Dimensions- 19 inches long front to back. 13 inches wide side to side. 29 inches tall to top of grab handles
  • Full attachment kit with brushes. Same as the 125 but with the longer steam hose


This is a note regarding electrical requirements. We have already had inquiries if the steamer will work with these “quick 240 converters” where you use 2 separate 120-volt circuit to make 240. Our machine pulls too much power to use one of these. WE DO NOT want these being used. We feel these will not work with a machine that needs this kind of power

The 155 machine pulls 3800 watts at ALL times while the heater is on (which is almost at all times). These quick converter cords plug into 2 separate 15 amp circuits (and they need to be separate circuits). This still only provides  a MAXIMUM of 1800 watts each. You still will NOT have enough to power this machine. You want a SURPLUS of 20% on the circuit. This is why, when connected direct to 240 power on at “minimum” of a 20 amp circuit, you have 4800 watts which is more than enough to run the 155 machine. This can’t be accomplished with the converter. You would have to have 2 separate 20 amp 120V circuits. Even with that, the machine can still run hot and not work properly

As well, we DO NOT want a transformers to be used. Transformers convert 120 power to 240 power by using coils and “transforming” the energy into 240 voltage. Again, this will not work when a machine needs this kind of power. They are bulky, expensive, heavy and NOT to be used.

We have made numerous videos covering how to connect to 240V power. We show how to wire the power cord and what outlets and plugs can be used. Please refer to these electrical videos

Dimensions and Weight


  • 39 pounds (empty)


  • 29 inches tall to top of tanks
  • 29 inches tall to top of handles
  • 19 inches long
  • 19 inches wide



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