Watch Before You Buy

We gathered a list of Chief steamer videos you should watch before you buy from us or anyone else.

Choosing a Chief Steamer

In this set of videos, we compare Chief Steamer models between each other and some of our competitors as well.  Watching these videos will help you decide which Chief Steamer will be best for you.

Chief Steamer 155

In this set of videos, you will find everything you need to know about the Chief Steamer 155.  From specs, how to set up, and action videos, this set will help you decide whether or not the Chief Steamer 155 is right for you.

Chief Steamer 75 & 100 Refill

This is a list of videos featuring our Chief 75 & 100 Refill Steam Cleaner.

Chief Steamer 125 – Car Wash Industrial Steam Cleaner

In this list, we have all our videos related to our 125 PSI Chief Steam Cleaner.

More Chief 125 Videos

We made these videos with Body shops in mind, but detailers can certainly view these to see the Chief Steamer 125 in more action. Check them out even if you are not a body shop

Maintenance Videos

In this playlist, we show you how to maintain your Chief Steamer and how to get better and drier steam from it as well.