Chief Steamer Financing

PayPal Credit – 6 months zero interest

Chief Steamer would like you to know that we now have a PayPal credit option. We are one of the select merchants who offer this. You can apply for zero percent financing and be approved in seconds. Click here to apply. You will know what you are approved for after you apply. You can apply at checkout out by clicking the blue banner at the bottom of many of our pages that show the “PayPal Credit” option.

This option is available through PayPal which we accept. If leasing is not what you want, or if you just want a shorter term with zero interest, this is a GREAT option. check it out. Apply here first, or simply at check out



Quick Spark Finance

Finance Program

We now have a great new finance company, Quick Spark Financial that can help your business finance your machine from 12-36 months. They have a few different plans available that will meet your needs. While we cannot quote pricing, or the exact type of plan available to you, we invite you to apply from the link below. Once they have your application, they can begin the process of finding a finance plan that is right for you. Click the link above or below to apply

Quick Spark Finance