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Made In Italy
Stainless Steal
Steam Vac Compatible
Steam Adjustment Dial
Hose Length
Heater Watts
Heating Time Frame
Steam Temp (in boiler)
Weight (empty)
Boiler Size (total volume)
Continous Refill
Chemical Injection
240 Volts
Chief Steeamer 100
110 PSI
12 Feet
9-10 Minutes
23 lbs
2.0 L
Chief Steamer 125
135 PSI
12 Feet
13-14 Minutes
29 lbs
3.5 L
Chief Steamer 155
155 PSI
16 Feet
8-9 Minutes
39 lbs
4.0 L


Below, are some comparisons. A Chief Steamer vs. one of the major competitors. The competitor machines are all VERY GOOD steamers. They are the leaders in the categories. These are the ones we feel you may be looking at anyway in your research, so we compare. But we feel we compete rather strongly against all of them.

Please note: We do not represent, sell, or are affiliated with the competing brands. We use their name and specs for comparison to our brand, CHIEF STEAMER. As you will also see, we do not “trash” the competition. There is no reason to, and its unprofessional. We are fair here. In fact we generally have rather good things to say about most of the other brands. If you feel theirs is still a better choice, we understand. We hope you choose ours based on all we have to offer. Take a look

Chief Steamer 100 PSI vs. Dupray Hill Injection

Considering the Chief Steamer 100 PSI versus the Dupray Hill Injection? Here’s the lowdown:

  • While Dupray’s model boasts commendable features, the Chief Steamer offers comparable quality at a significantly better price.
  • Chief Steamer stands out with a larger 2.0-liter boiler, an external heating element ensuring even heat distribution and longevity, and offers a fully adjustable pressure valve for tailored cleaning.
  • With a 12-foot hose, superior warranties, and easy repairs, the Chief Steamer 100 PSI not only delivers on performance but ensures peace of mind with each purchase.


Chief Steamer 100 PSI vs. Therma Kleen

When deciding between the Chief Steamer Refill 100 and the Therma Kleen TK1.5, consider these key points:

  • While both steamers are top-notch and offer exceptional steam cleaning performance, the Chief Steamer boasts continuous refill, detachable hose, and infinite pressure adjustment, making it a versatile choice.
  • The Chief Steamer stands out with an external heating element, faster heat-up time due to its smaller boiler, a more compact design for easier transport, and extended warranties.
  • Price-wise, the Chief Steamer provides comparable quality at a much lower cost, ensuring superb value for your investment.


Chief Steamer 100 PSI vs. Vapamore Forza

Comparing Vapamore Forza MR-1000 and Chief Steamer Refill 100:

  • If you’re considering the Vapamore Forza MR-1000 for a heavy-duty steam cleaner, you might want to weigh your options.
  • The Vapamore model is well-constructed, popular, and designed in Italy, with features like a 4.2-liter refill tank and a 1900 watt heating element.
  • However, the Chief Steamer Refill 100, while more compact, offers advantages like a higher PSI, an external 1750 watt heater, and a design focused on durability and ease of repair.


Chief Steamer 125 PSI vs. DuPray Hill Injection

Comparing DuPray Hill Injection and Chief Steamer 125 Injection Steam Cleaner:

  • Both machines are reputable and made to a high standard, with the DuPray being crafted by a well-respected Italian company. However, the Chief Steamer 125 claims to offer similar or better features, often at a competitive price.
  • Key features of DuPray include 121 PSI pressure, a 10-foot hose, 3 steam settings, and a small boiler. In contrast, the Chief Steamer 125 boasts 135 PSI pressure, a 12-foot hose, continuous fill, larger tanks, external heating, and additional warranties.
  • While the DuPray Hill Injection is more compact and might suit users who prioritize size, the Chief Steamer 125 is a heavier, larger model but offers features like a larger boiler and more extended pressure sustainability, making it more suitable for extended cleaning times and certain commercial applications.


Chief Steamer 125 PSI vs. Optima Steam Cleaner

Comparing Optima Diesel Steam Cleaner and Chief Steamer 125:

  • In a direct specification comparison, the Optima diesel-powered steam cleaner outperforms the Chief Steamer 125 in almost all areas including boiler size, heating time, steam hose length, and steam volume. Optima delivers high power and impressive results which may be more suited for consecutive car washing.
  • The Chief Steamer 125, despite its modest specs compared to Optima, still offers an effective solution for both interior and exterior car detailing. While it might not match the raw power of the Optima, it boasts attributes like chemical injection, a variety of brushes for different cleaning tasks, and better adaptability for interior cleaning given its compactness and transportability.
  • Ultimately, the best choice depends on user needs. For those focusing purely on washing multiple cars in succession, the Optima might be the better option. However, for detailed interior and exterior car cleaning without the constant pressure of time, the Chief Steamer 125 offers a more balanced and affordable solution.