Chief Steamer “Single” Commercial 75 PSI Steam Cleaner


Chief Steamer “Single” Commercial 75 PSI Steam Cleaner

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Now at 85 PSI

The Chief Steamer 75 (now at 85 PSI) has excellent pressure, great recovery, and a great price. Compare us to the other leading steamers. Watch all of our videos and see why we should be your answer to “which steamer to buy?”

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Do you want a steamer that has nice volume, good pressure and heat, recovers well, reliable, and affordable? Did you think all these things together did not exist? Look no further.

NOW at 85 PSI

We know many people do not need a higher pressure or continuous refill steamer. They are more expensive for a few reasons. We also know that you still need a professional steamer that can be a workhorse and get the job done at an affordable price. We think our Chief Steamer 75 will pleasantly surprise you, both in performance and price Introducing the Chief Steamer Single PRO 75. This professional and commercial single boiler steam cleaner is a true commercial grade. We wanted it to have great pressure and heat, have a commercial stainless steel body, and ALL commercial components. This was not an easy task. But we have done it. Take a look at the body. It’s not a cheap plastic body that will break. It’s all heavy gauge stainless steel and can take a beating! We used a super heavy duty AISI 304 stainless steel boiler with a lifetime warranty. It meets all the standards. Some steamers out there use boilers that DO NOT meet the industry standards. The Chief Steamer Single PRO 75 also has an “EXTERNAL” heating element. Yes, the heater is outside the boiler!! How does this work and why? Well, most steam cleaners have an internal “coiled” heater which sits in the water inside the boiler. After time and non-maintenance, the coils become corroded and calcified. This leads to slow heating and recovery time, as well as possible failure. What we have done is to mount the heater on the underside of the boiler. With this configuration, there is no heat loss and the heater is not immersed in water! Heat is immediately transmitted through the stainless steel boiler and the water heats just as fast. With this design, the heater can be warranted for LIFE! This is just another great feature of the Chief Steamer Single PRO 75  steam cleaner. We also have fabulous steam delivery and volume compared to some of the others. Our pressure rating is already greater, but you will not notice a huge pressure drop while using it and the amount of steam you get out of the nozzle is second to none! It’s all in the engineering of the boiler and heater We kept this machine simple but made it commercial grade. There is nothing cheap about this machine and we urge you to compare it against the other popular steam cleaners out there. Take a look at our specifications of the Chief Steamer Single PRO 75

  • 1750 watt “EXTERNAL” heater
  • Full commercial grade
  • Made in Italy
  • AISI 304 stainless steel boiler with a 3.1 (total volume) liter capacity
  • Long 12-foot detachable hose
  • About 320 degrees of steam in the boiler
  • NOW at 85 PSI. A modest 10 PSI increase but it will help with “working” pressure.
  • Long 13-foot power cord
  • Stainless steel body
  • Fully adjustable steam pressure from zero to maximum
  • Full accessory package
  • LIFETIME boiler warranty
  • LIFETIME heater warranty
  • 3-year internal parts warranty
  • Multiple safety features
  • Please see the gallery picture for all the included attachments

Why buy a cheap steam cleaner when it will not perform and will not last? Why buy something that is NOT made in Italy? Compare ours to anything else that is out there and decide for yourself. This machine is made to perform and last.

Included Accessories

This is what is included with the Chief Steam 100 Steamer

Dimensions and Weight


  • 18 pounds (empty)


  • 13 inches tall
  • 17 inches long
  • 11 inches wide





VIDEOS: Before You Buy

VIDEOS: Action


Every Chief Steamer is built to the highest standards and tested at the factory before being shipped. It should be in perfect operating condition when it arrives at your location. However, if a part or component malfunctions during the warranty period, it will be replaced at no cost to the user during the warranty period. The Warranty is as follows against manufacturer defects.

  • Lifetime warranty on the stainless steel boiler
  • Lifetime warranty on the external heating element
  • 3 years on all the internal electrical components

The warranty will cover…

  • Electrical parts replacement under the warranty period
  • Our labor to install the part if the machine needs to be sent back to us.
  • Cost of shipping a repaired machine back to the customer within the first year
  • Cost of shipping a defective machine from the customer back to us within the first 180 days
  • The warranty period begins from 5 days after the invoice to the customer
  • Electrical parts that prove to be defective. Shipping of parts to the customer will be included for the first 180 days of use. After that, the part (if determined to be defective) will be covered, but shipping will be paid by the customer.
  •  We will coach the customer on its replacement. This reduces down time and possible damage in shipping of the steamer. We will NOT cover labor for the customer to install the part

The warranty will NOT cover…..

  • Replacement machines. If a machine is older than 30 days, it will be repaired, not replaced. All repairs bring a machine back to full operating capacity.
  • Gun and hose parts that will wear or be subject to abuse
  • Cosmetic items on the machine that have no effect on its use or operation.
  • Parts and components subject to wear and tear such as O-rings, brushes, boiler caps, and accessories that have failed from abuse or, over use, and not defects. Wands and brushes are NOT warranty items


16 reviews for Chief Steamer “Single” Commercial 75 PSI Steam Cleaner

  1. Mark P (verified owner)

    I use this for auto detailing. It cuts interior time almost in half and everything is dry and clean. The pressure is more than enough. The horsehair brushes and the 3 hole nozzle work great on leather and vinyl. Finding all kinds of uses for it both inside and out. Very informative website that helped me choose this over the others. And the price was better.

  2. Randy S (verified owner)

    My budget was slightly higher than the actual price of this machine. I was going to buy one of the more well know competitors that had a few more brushes. But this machine had better specs on paper and seems to prove it in use. The steam is hot and the pressure is good. Wish they did include a few more brushes or had a better price or a “ten deal” on brushes as i clean grout and tile in restaurants and i wear them quickly. Other than that, a great machine.

  3. Michael K (verified owner)

    Love this steamer. I was going to buy the 100 pressure model but in speaking with Kevin about what I do and the amount of time I would be using it, he suggested the 75 model. His suggestion not only saved me money but I have not once run it out of water in the middle of a job. It seems like the pressure is even higher than 75. It heats fast and recovers fast.

  4. Steven F (verified owner)

    Its a cleaning animal. Heats pretty fast and the water inside has lasted longer than I thought. I was cleaning my house and commercial building with this. I took it to my office to clean the bathrooms and after cleaning inside the house I forgot to fill it back up. I heated it and then remembered that it was not full. It was too late to get the cap off and fill it as it rose to pressure quickly. I began cleaning the office kitchen and bathroom and just made it before the red light came on and it was out of water. Performance is super and its was a great deal compared to others I had looked at

  5. Tim R (verified owner)

    I own a large detail shop with 6 bays. I wanted 3 steamers. I looked all over and saw all the rest. Some were continuous, some were not. Most of the continuous models were either almost $2K or the less expensive ones looked a little cheap. The Refill 100 machine was what I really wanted but didn’t want 3 of them and not know how good they really were. So I purchased 2 of the 75 PSI machines. I knew going in that they would need to be refilled during the day, but I wanted to save a little money. What a steal this is! This machine cleans 2 rather dirty interiors before the need to refill it and what a job it does. It is a workhorse and a time saver. So I bought a third one. I do not think any of the others can be better than this one

  6. Ricardo s (verified owner)

    This thing really cleans. I use it for car detailing and some of the cars interiors are beyond dirt. Only on ground in mud carpets, it will not work good. Even when it drops psi’s, its still hot and there is enough steam to clean. It was a good price and very well made. Possible 5 stars if it had even higher pressure and a few more brushes? Wear black small ones too fast

  7. Seth P (verified owner)

    It’s a good machine, but wished it had a little water injection. The steam is only very hot directly on the surface. On carpets and seats you do need to spray a little cleaner on the areas to help clean it. Its still better than the way I used to clean. Steam adjuster could be on the handle as I have to go over to the front of the machine to adjust it

  8. Michael R (verified owner)

    Purchased this for car interiors to aid in my mobile detailing side job. It works wonderfully! You cant beat the price for the specs of this machine. If you’re a busy car detailer or plan to do entire house carpets, consider the 100 model for its continuous fill feature and of course the extra PSI cleaning power!

  9. Alissa H (verified owner)

    I bought it to clean my house and my car which my husband does. It is amazing on my oven and refrigerator. It cleans grout and tile with ease. Sinks and faucets are no problem. I cleaned the range hood easily. It just hangs in there. I hesitated to pay this much money for a commercial machine when I really did not need a commercial rating. But many residential models are about this price. Handle does get a little hot after using for a while.

  10. john (verified owner)

    The Vapor Chief Commercial 75 psi steamer is of the highest quality and highest value for your money. The machine does everything it says it will do. We have used it on patio furniture, showers with glass blocks, car interiors, lawn tractor, wood floors, grout, tile, outside metal doors, deck, carpet, the uses of this machine are unending. This is an outstanding product which I would recommend to anyone. A rugged Commercial machine with true valve. The service you receive is also second to none. You actually can speak with a real person when you call. Again OUTSTANDING!

  11. Jim (verified owner)

    The Vapor Chief “Single” Commercial 75 is our very first steamer. We bought one mainly to help clean walls and ceilings with 16 years of Cigarette smoke and whatever else was mixed with it so we could repaint (The whole house). The flat ceiling paint looked like satin with all of the nicotine. I bought some rectangle tool bonnets from a competitor.

    My hopes were really high. The steamer came well packed and in perfect shape. I could not get 2 Liters of water in.
    It was closer to 1.5. It filled up to then top and I had to dump some per the instructions.. I used distilled even though Kevin’s video says tap water is fine. For .75 a gallon I figured why not.

    It did take about 12 minutes to build to 75 PSI. At about 1/2 pressure with one extension and the rectangle tool with a bonnet on it, with my bad shoulder and my wife watching thinking about the cost, I made my first pass after running some steam through the bonnet. From the top to middle of the wall with the steam on, Instant gratification! Both of us at the same time…Wow! I had done a 21 foot wall and part of the ceiling in about an hour. Not perfect, but WOW!

    The bonnets did load up quickly due to all of the nicotine on the walls and the ceiling. I used 4 out of 5 for that first wall and part of the ceiling. I ended up using TSP-PF and clean water with a sponge with a microfiber cloth on one side for the ceiling for finishing. It looked so good I did the walls also. This steamer truly made it easier by removing the bulk the of gunk with little effort. The manual cleaning after the steaming was low effort. More like a quick wipe down.

    I’m not going to say it was fun, (Walls and Ceiling), but if we weren’t painting new colors, I would just leave it. Not much more I can say. I used it for about 2 hours with short breaks (many) and the water level light never can on. Day 2, I was able to get 1.5 liters in without it over filling making me think there was water in it out of the box? There was a bit of pressure in it out of the box. I think that will be my normal fill amount from now on. 1.5 liters.

    The recovery time on this machine is crazy. After pushing it with full pressure to see how far I could get, the thunk sound came on when pushing the button. I put down the tool, walked into the kitchen, grabbed some water from the fridge, walked back into the living room 5 feet away, looked down and about 10 seconds later I was pointing at the GREEN light and the pressure which was at 75. That impressed me more than my wife, but over and over recovery was impressive.

    We tried the single hole tool with a horse hair brush on my wife’s dusty nick backs and porcelain roses with a lot of creases with very low pressure (About a quarter turn from zero.) 15 seconds later they looked new.

    Our fridge (White) with the dirty handles. I gave up on trying to clean them a long time ago. Same tool and brush with my wife watching. 10-15 seconds and they looked like new. My wife FINALLY said, “You did good”!

    I tried the squeegee tool on a big dust and nicotine covered mirror. NO GO. It just streaked into a giant mess. I had to break out the glass cleaner to clean it up. Maybe if I spent more time on it, but the glass cleaner worked instantly.

    I will finish with this. I did a TON of research. I wanted Great at a Great price. I actually came across this steamer by chance. I am lucky that I did. I think I did Great.

    My one suggestion to Kevin is to get together with more vendors and offer rectangular bonnets and a Steam Mop attachment. Other than that, I am sure that I made the right decision for our needs. I will be steaming EVERYTHING. Ladies, it’s a guy thing. I did the living room clock and my wife looked at me and just smiled!
    I am a Vapor Chief fan!

  12. Daniel Chapala (verified owner)

    I have only used this model for two days now cleaning mainly my bathrooms and I am very impressed with it. I bought my unit on a Monday and it arrived at my door on a Wednesday. Great shipping time. It was very well packaged. I did research on other brands similar to this model and I eventually thought they were charging too much. The instructions were easy to follow on the do’s and don’ts of the unit. Sure it takes 10-12 minutes to get up to pressure, but it is worth the wait when you see what it clean.

    I did make the mistake of using the nylon brush on grout which made me do more passes back and forth and wore down the brush a bit. When I switched to the copper brush it work much better and faster.

    Tried the squeege to clean the windows and mirrors. No streaking which was nice.

    I also used the tip just to let hot steam out and I sanitized the whole toilet.

    The horse hair brushes were nice and soft and cleaned out the calcium around my faucets without scratching them.

    The rest of the components look well built and I have yet to use them all so far.III know I will be using this machine to clean other items and I am sure it is up to the task. I would recommend Vapor Chief steamers to anyone.

  13. ronboback (verified owner)

    What an impressive tool! I just got it last night, and I’m already in love with it. The pressure is amazing and the build quality seems second to none! I have no doubt that this steamer will last for years.

    All of the nozzles and heads fit great and don’t seem to get loose.

    Thanks again!

  14. Nick Giovas (verified owner)

    While I have only had the Chief 75 for a short period of time, this machine has completely exceeded my expectations so far. While I have never owned a steamer before, I have been researching them for the past couple of years and finally decided to pull the trigger. I was looking for the best value within my budget since this is a “hobby” for me and I won’t be using it every day. Other machines in the same price range would have been a compromise on features and quality. Before finding out about the Chief 75, there were a couple of machines that I really liked, but they were almost twice the price. This machine met both my budget and my desired specs.

    The key things to note: It hits the 85 PSI as advertised. The water heats up quickly and a full tank will last longer than any job I have tackled so far. While this unit is a little more industrial looking, the stainless is nice quality and the build of the machine is great. The switches, fittings, cap, etc. are all very high quality. I’m really glad I didn’t go with a plastic machine. Lastly, the handle on top of the steamer makes it very easy to carry around using the handle, even when filled with water.

    While my primary use of the steamer was going to be auto detailing, I was curious, so I decided to try it out around the house – the first job I used it for was to see how it would do against 20-year-old baked/burnt on carbon build-up around the burners on an old stove. This buildup has been scrubbed using many times using many products and it wouldn’t budge. 20 minutes with the Chief 75 and all four burners are spotless. I was amazed.

    My only regret is not buying it sooner. This thing will be put to good use. The list of jobs is growing rapidly, but that’s ok because the Chief 75 makes jobs much easier, and seeing the end results is very satisfying.

  15. alramirez5665 (verified owner)

    This steamer is great! I originally researched cheap and expensive steamers and was indecisive. I came across an ad on Facebook about Chief Steamer and researched it. The pricing was reasonable compared to other competitors with similar qualities. I would recommend this product because it’s going to last. I use mine for detailing car interiors. It’s a great product and built with high quality.

  16. Caleb Schoonover (verified owner)

    5 stars 100%

    This is the best steamer I have ever used for the specs it offers.

    I run a high end mobile detailing company an do have used Sun Joe, McCullough, and the famous VX5000. My VX finally died out on me and since it was second hand I decided to not fool with warranty.

    Let me go over a few things.

    1. I use this daily and it is the perfect machine to clean numerous aspects of a car without using chemicals. Especially the interior and is a dream for aiding in carpet a d upholstery deep cleaning *removed skunk smell no problem* the PSI is perfect to not damage a variety of leather and upholstery materials while deep cleaning quickly.

    2. It heats quickly and holds good PSI until tank is empty. Love that is has a good continuous steam a d heat without leaving a ton of water.

    3. The design is always and simple, I added some Extra clear bra PPF to the top to protect from scuffs, scratches, and water stains.

    4. Light and easy to pack I can take this to details with ease.

    5. Perfect for in the home. I cleaned up shower scum with ease (after multiple attempts with heavy chemicals including CLR remover).

    6. 5 stars all the way, finally a steamer that does what it promises and is a solid price point.

    P.s. you guys nailed the accessories. The fact you send 2 of each and have a amazing Bhor hair brush is making me smile everytime I use this thing.

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