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Chief Steamer / Vacuum Hose



We now have a tool that will allow your Chief Steamer cleaner to act more like a carpet extractor. We have tried to simplify the design as much as possible, make it easy to use, and, more importantly…….WORK WITH ALL OF OUR STEAMERS! It’s 12 feet in length.

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Chief Steamer / Vacuum Hose

Introducing the Chief Steamer Vacuum Hose!

Elevate your steaming experience with our revolutionary accessory designed to work seamlessly with ALL of our Chief Steamers. Now, enjoy the capability of a carpet extractor within the comfort of your Chief Steamer setup.


Key Features:

  • Two-in-One Design: It’s essentially two hoses fused into one for maximum convenience.
  • Universal Compatibility: Fits all of our Chief Steamer machines regardless of when you made your purchase.
  • Easy Steam Delivery: Plug the steam connection directly into the front of your Chief Steamer. Steam flow is still managed effortlessly by the gun trigger and the volume knob on the steamer front.
  • Vacuum Connectivity: Connect the other side to your vacuum hose. Some vacuum hoses might require an adapter for a perfect fit.
  • Simultaneous Steaming and Vacuuming: With the transparent suction tool attached, steam and suck out the dirt concurrently, boosting efficiency and results.
  • Enhanced for Injection Machine Owners: Those with the Chief Steamer 125 and the Chief Steamer 155 injection machine can make their steam wetter, infuse chemicals, and transform their steamer into a full-fledged carpet extractor.

How to attach it to any Shop Vac

Extraction on a Dirty Car Seat

Things to Note:

  • Vacuum Hose Compatibility: All vacuum hoses don’t have the same diameter. While many standard hoses should fit snugly, some might require an adapter for a perfect union. Please note, we do not provide this adapter.
  • Electrical Requirements: Planning to run both your steamer and vacuum simultaneously? Ensure they are on separate dedicated circuits to avoid overloading and potential breaker trips. Contact us for guidance on this.

Simply, it's 2 hoses in one.

  1. You have your steam connection that plugs into the front of ANY Chief Steamer for steam delivery. Since all of our machines have the same input for the steam hose connector, this new tool with work with all of our machines. And it does not matter when you purchased your Chief Steamer. Even if its a little older, this will work.
  2. The other side of the hose is a traditional vacuum hose that has nothing to do with the steamer at all. The end or our vacuum hose will plug into the end of your vacuum hose to create the suction. PLEASE NOTE: all vacuum hoses are not the same diameter. To mate with our hose you may need an adapter which we DO NOT provide. In many cases the standard hoses will fit and be a good match. But there will be hoses that are 2 different sizes and will need an adapter to fit together
  3. Once everything is connected and the transparent suction tool is locked in on the end of the hose, you can steam and vacuum at the same time! Steam delivery is still controlled by the trigger on the gun and the output and pressure is still controlled by the volume knob on the front of the machine. For people who purchase the Chief Steamer 125 injection machine, you have the ability to use the injection feature and make the steam wetter, add chemical, and have it act even more like a carpet extractor

NOTE: Please call us to make sure you have the electrical requirements to run BOTH a steamer and a vacuum at the same time. Running 2 machines at the same time, "on the same circuit" will create too much of an amp draw. We recommend you have your steamer running on one dedicated circuit, and your vacuum running on a separate dedicated circuit to prevent tripping of breakers and causing too much resistance in your steamer as well as your vacuum.


How to attached Vacuum Hose to any shop vac

Steam / Vacuum Attachment Chief Steamer (Part 1)

Steam / Vacuum Attachment Chief Steamer (Part 2)

Extraction on a Dirty Car Seat (Steam / Vacuum Attachment)

Extracting Floor Mat with Steam / Vacuum Attachment


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