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What Sets Us Apart

We now work directly with our own steam cleaner manufacturer in Italy. NO other US importer works with this company. We have helped develop Chief Steamers based on our use and what we know we need in a steam cleaner. We know the technology so well, we can dictate how we want the machine to perform. We know how to build and repair these machines so you will have the absolute best customer service if there ever is a problem.

We have a Chief Steamer in various price ranges and uses for what your cleaning needs are. Our Chief Steamers are portable but commercial and industrial grade while running on 120 volt electricity. And we now offer all of our Chief steamers in 240 voltage as well.

If you have any questions at all about what kind of steamer to purchase, feel free to call us at 201-261-7497 to find the perfect steam machine. If you have a steaming cleaning problem, we have the steam cleaning solution!

Customer Service

We know we really should not brag about excellent customer service. Every company claims they have great customer service. And most probably do.

The way we base our customer service is this way………It’s our job!

Many people will have questions about a Chief Steamer before they are ready to buy. Call us. We will most likely answer the phone to chat and answer questions. If we do not, then there will always be a call back in a reasonable amount of time. The same with emails. We know this is a big purchase. Information needs to be gathered, and questions need to be asked. And…….we will almost ALWAYS know the answer.

We also take care of issues in the same timely manner. Machines break. Its a fact. We also realize they will break when you least want them to. It’s frustrating. But since we know these machines so well, most problems and breakdowns are diagnosed over the phone. And……here is where we can brag a little………the diagnosis is generally correct. We get parts out fast and coach the customers on how to install them for less downtime.

We hope you take our level of customer service into consideration when purchasing a steam cleaner. While we cannot directly compare our customer service against some of our competitors, as we do with our steamers, we hope you have heard some good things not only about any of the Chief Steamers but also a high level of service. Thank you and enjoy our site

What Our Customers say about us

Excellent Customer Service + Quality Commercial Steam Cleaners + Great Warranty