Solenoid Valve

Solenoid Valve

$ 27.99


This valve releases steam from the boiler and opens and closes the system. These need to be kept clean by the way we explain in a maintenance video and our owner’s manual. These may clog with sediment as there is a very small passageway to allow steam to escape. As well, they can fail if they get too hot from being clogged and steam struggling to get out. When these get clogged there will be poorer steam performance and less steam escaping

Please note: This is a WEAR ITEM. We will warranty this 1 time. After that, this item will need to be purchased. It’s extremely easy to replace and MUST be done while the machine is cool and not under pressure. If we have directed you to purchase the “solenoid valve” and you have no steam escaping, although the machine is under full pressure, this is the one


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