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Peace of Mind Plan




Below is what we are offering with this great plan. We feel this plan goes above and beyond an already great warranty and provides you with even more “peace of mind” and added future discounts.

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What the Peace of Mind Plan covers

  • Express shipping (2-day express) on warranty parts to fix the machine. Less downtime.
  • If the machine needs to come back to us for repairs, we pay shipping BOTH WAYS during the ENTIRE warranty period of 3 years. This is only if we make the decision the machine has to come back to us for repairs.  Once it’s back, we will put it at the top of the work list and get it done as fast as possible.
  • 40% discount on parts priced BELOW $100 and accessories BELOW $100 and wear items not under warranty. Parts and accessories priced above $100 will get a 25% discount. And express shipping on these as well.
  • BIG discount on any additional machine purchase in the future ($100 on the 75, $150 on the 100, and $250 on the 125). Plus FREE automatic enrollment in this plan for the additional machine

As with any plan to cover a big ticket item, if you use it once it most likely will pay for itself. Shipping is expensive, especially for items this size and weight. While most Chief Steamers most likely will never need to be shipped back for repairs, you will have that peace of mind of not spending additional money on shipping to get it back and forth. And the additional discounts we offer on accessories will pay for itself soon enough. And if you decide you need an additional machine for a growing business, then it certainly pays for itself. If you were thinking about financing your machine through our finance company or PayPal credit, this certainly can be added on to that as well.

Exclusions– Not many, but we have to be realistic in some areas. It will NOT cover

  • This plan will only be offered to customers in the continental US only.
  • No expedited shipping on your new machine, or repaired machines. The box is too heavy and too large for any kind of express shipping. It has to go ground.
  • This does not cover orings, hoses, and guns, or lack of maintenance such as draining the boiler periodically as instructed in the manual.
  • Customer labor if they replace the part or have someone else install it


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