Chief Steamer Complete Steam Hose

Chief Steamer Complete Steam Hose

$ 155.00




Chief Steamer complete steam hose and gun. This is the entire steam hose with connector and gun. In a case where the hose has been crushed or ran over (we see this more than you think) an entire replacement may be needed. Please note that the replacement length is 12 feet which may be a little shorter than the current Chief steamer refill hose at 14.5 feet.

If only a part of your hose is broken, we have service parts for the entire hose. We stock the gun in 2 halves, the trigger switch, the buttons, o-rings, the steam nipple on both ends and the connector to the machine. Its much cheaper to replace the components if that is the only issue. Please call us or send a picture and we can send you the little parts if needed.



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