Optima Steam Cleaner vs. Chief Steamer 125

So, you are thinking about purchasing an Optima diesel powered steam cleaner?

Before you make that very important decision, please read a little more about why we think the Chief Steamer 125 is a great option for interior and exterior car washing and detailing

Optima Steamer vs. Chief Steamer 125

Normally when we do a comparison between one of our Chief Steamers, and a leading competitor, its always a fairly close comparison. While we never declare ourselves a clear cut winner, we always feel our machine will compete well and be a very good option. We lay out the specs and allow you to make an informed decision.

On this "comparison" however to the Optima diesel steamer, there is really NO comparison. THEY WILL WIN. Yes, they will win any and all comparisons on specs. So why are we even doing this so-called "comparison"? Why point out a steamer that will clearly beat ours? Are we insane? But hang in there, we still want to make the point that bigger and more power is not always better, or the correct decision. 

First, we invite you to watch the above video (coming soon) and we will explain why in more detail. But here, we want you to know that as far as performance, the Optima diesel will win over the Chief 125. Let me just show you kiddingly what they can do

boiler size- really big
heater- fire under the boiler
heating time- really fast- see the fire above!
steam hose length- really long
steam pressure- about the same as ours- the only thing we are close on
Steam volume-  a whole bunch of never ending steam

boiler size- not as big
heater- electric, no fire
heating time- not as fast but pretty fast
steam hose length- not as long but long enough
steam pressure- really good but will drop a little
steam volume- less

So they beat us on all the specs. Its a very impressive machine. But lets us explain why you can still use ours to wash the exterior of a car with steam and still get the job done in a reasonable amount of time. Yes, our electric Chief steamer 125 can still be the one you choose.

If you need to wash multiple cars in a row, car after car, then having the Optima Steamer is an advantage. We will say buy theirs if you need to only wash cars. HOWEVER, if you are a car detailer that needs to not only get the car washed, but to fully detail the car, then ours gets put right back in the picture. Ours will do a great job on the interior as well as the exterior. And since a detailer is not washing car after car, the time savings on washing is not as critical. We ask you to again watch the above video and think about what we have to offer and why you may not need their machine

We have other videos that show the Chief steamer 125 in action. It certainly can wash a dirty car. It also is an excellent interior steam cleaner. It has an assortment of brushes that can be used on the interior and exterior. It is more compact and easily transportable. We have chemical injection which is very important in getting a car washed. This combination allows the Chief Steamer 125 to be able to effectively wash a car, although not as impressively as the Optima Diesel steamer. We think our machine is more effective at cleaning the interior of the car. We have the correct attachments and brushes that are needed to clean dirty interiors. Diesel machines cannot be used indoors. And of course, we have a price that is considerably lower. Give us a closer look. Then decide.