Chief Steamer 100 PSI

Versus The Dupray Hill Injection

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Thinking about purchasing a Dupray Hill Injection? Its a very good, commercial machine in all aspects. Before you buy either machine, we want to introduce you to the Chief Steamer Refill 100 and make the case that we have as good of a commercial steamer, at a better price.

Chief Steamer (on sale) Price

Dupray Hill Injection

Why We Believe Our Machine Is The Better Choice. 

Of course we do. They make a great machine and will certainly stand behind it. We just think that a big price savings and just as good quality will sway you. And since we sell to the car guys like auto detailers, who beat these machines up, we have learned a thing or 2 about how to make them hold up

Let us make the case for our Chief Steamer REFILL 100 machine.  Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions at all.

Let us begin with some comparisons.

DuPray Hill Injection

  • 121 PSI…great pressure and yes slightly more than ours
  • 345 degrees of steam.
  • 10 foot detachable hose
  • 3 steam settings (low, medium, high)
  • Hot water injection, in our opinion a very small 20 ounce reservoir
  • 1.5 liter stainless boiler lifetime warranty
  • 1600 watt internal heater
  • 7 minute heat time-
  • Stainless steel body
  • Italian made

This is a very nice machine and well made. It is commercial grade. Its more expensive than ours as you clearly see. We do not feel the performance will be that much better, if at all. They seem to have some advantages, but we also think we have many at a much lower price.

  • A 1.5 liter boiler is very not large. It’s Ok as the machine is continuous refill, so you do not need a huge boiler. But the smaller the boiler, the faster the pressure drops. We use a 2.0 liter boiler in the chief steamer refill 100. Not a huge difference, but a half liter more will make slightly more steam.
  • Dupray uses a small 20 ounce injection reservoir that will allow cleaner into the steam. That is a nice addition and will be helpful in some instances. We do not use any injection on the Chief Steamer 100 machine. We used the space inside the unit for a larger boiler and refill tank. Our 125 machine will use injection
  • Dupray uses a 10 foot steam hose. We use a 12 foot hose
  • Dupray  heater is “replaceable”. You always want to be able to replace a heater separate from the boiler. However, an internal heater is constantly exposed to water and has a greater chance of calcium or rust development and will be slower to heat over time and may eventually fail if not maintained. If maintained, its not an issue. But we prefer our external heater.
  • The Chief Steamer uses an EXTERNAL heater that is NOT in the boiler. Therefore, we can warranty the heater for LIFE and even if it fails its extremely easy to replace. As well, an external heater evenly distributes heat around the entire boiler which we feel allows for just as fast heating and fast recovery time as an internal heater.
  • Dupray claims “variable pressure control” from 40-121 PSI. This may be slightly confusing as there are electronic switches on the gun that give you a low-medium and high setting. You choose from only 3 settings. We use an adjustment valve so you can dial in the exact steam pressure you need for any cleaning job. We feel a valve to adjust pressure is more beneficial as we eliminate 2 solenoids (for the other pressure settings on theirs) that can possibly fail over time. It also cost us less money to eliminate solenoids.

Again, theirs is a very nice machine, and very well made. It will hold up and will perform well. But now, please take a look at our Chief Steamer Refill 100 specs and of course the price.

Chief Steamer Refill 100 PSI

  • Now at 110 PSI
  • 335 degree steam temperature
  • Continuous fill
  • 2.0 liter stainless steel lifetime warranty boiler
  • Full pressure adjustment from zero to full blast
  • 12 foot detachable steam hose
  • EXTERNAL heating element (never touches water)
  • 1750 watt heater
  • Lifetime boiler and heater warranty
  • 3 year internal parts warranty
  • 9-11 minute heat time (we are realistic)
  • Stainless steel body
  • ALL Italian made
  • Horsehair brushes are part of the accessory kit (very important for car detailing)
  • VERY easy to repair and diagnose issues

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that you need.

The quality of our accessories is exceptional. The long and heavy duty hose will hold up to hard everyday use. The brushes are a high quality that will not wear quickly. There is a very “unique” 3 hole nozzle that most steamers do not have, and is extremely useful. A super high quality kit that many other so- called “commercial” steamer do not have.