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A note on pricing……We believe that for the quality of any of these machines, the customer service, and warranty, you will be getting one of the best steamers out there. While our competition also offers quality machines, we think you have seen that we are already less expensive than almost all of them. As well, this year has been extremely difficult getting inventory and prices have gone up on every level. Components, shipping to get them here from Italy, and throughout the U.S. are much higher. Exchange rates have gone up as well. But we have held our prices as steady as we can. We offer discounts when we can, but when we cannot, we feel our prices are more than fair. We do not hide coupons anywhere else. They are all right here and also can be seen on our site for a particular product.

Chief Steamer 125
Get $40 off!

Use Coupon Code: BF125

Chief Steamer 100
Get $30 off!

Use Coupon Code: BF100

Chief Steamer 75
Get $20 off!

Use Coupon Code: BF75

Chief Steamer 65
Get $10 off!

Use Coupon Code: BF65

Get $20 off on accessories when you spend $50 or more on accessories

Use Coupon Code: BFACC

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