Videos - Watch Before You Buy

We gathered a list of videos you should watch before you buy from us or anyone else.

Which Generator To Use

What is the best generator to use with a Chief steamer?

Explaining Use Of Extension Cords

In this video, we explain the proper use of extension cords. Using the wrong one will damage your Chief Steamer. Not all extension cords are created equal.

Is this a “Pressure Steamer?”

We explain the difference between a real pressure steamer and what an electric Chief Steamer can do.

Managing Expectations

We explain in this video how to manage expectations on your Chief steamer and how to use it so it works the best for you.

Steam Vacuum Attachment

In this video, we introduce our upcoming Chief Steamer steam/vacuum attachment. See how you can make your Chief steamer more like a carpet extractor

Learn more about the Chief Steamer steam/vacuum hose attachment

What If My Chief Steamer Breaks?

In this video we explain how we take care of most issues if your Chief steamer should break down. Its not a painful process.

How Long Can The Hose Be?

Watch to see what the maximum length we can make the steam hose and why it cant be too long.

Who Are We? Why Buy From Us?

In this video, we explain who we are and why you may want to choose to buy from a smaller company like Chief Steamer and get a little more personalized attention.

Applications Do’s & Dont’s

In this video, we want to explain what or Chief steamers really can and cannot do. No steamer can clean everything and we want you to be aware of some of the things that just will not work with a 120 volt electric steamer.

100 vs. 125?

Many people ask us if they should buy the Chief Steamer refill 100 or the 125 Chief steamer. We give you our honest answer in this video.

120 vs. 240 Volts

In this video, we explain the difference between 120 voltage and 240 voltage an dhow it affects performance of a Chief steamer.

Pros & Cons Of A Chief Steamer

In this video, we explain the pros and cons of our Chief steamers. Not every steamer may meet your cleaning needs and there are many reasons why.

How Hot Is The Steam?

In this video, we explain how steam on a Chief Steamer or any other steamer can either be really hot or where you may think it’s kind of cool. There are reasons why and how to make sure you use it the best way in cleaning for the hottest steam possible.

Which One To Buy?

In this video, we explain how to choose a Chief Steamer fro your particular cleaning need.

What Is “Hot Water Injection?”

In this video, we explain what hot water injection is and why we do not use this feature on our smaller Chief steamers.

Financing a Chief Steamer

How to finance a Chief steamer. There are a number of easy ways.

Do You Need To Use Distilled Water

In this video we explain why we do not want distilled water used in a  Chief steamer. We require regular old tap water and that is fine. Find out why

Do You Need To Use Distilled Water

In this video, we explain how and why pressure will drop on a Chief steamer, as well as any steamer. We show how we control it to give you the best working pressure possible.

Easy Servicing

In this video, we explain how easy it is to service a Chief steamer and how many problems are easy to repair if they do arise.

Cleaning With Steam Only & No Chemicals

In this video, we explain in certain cases where steam alone using a Chief Steamer can clean well. But in some cases, you will need a bit of chemical along with steam.

Wet vs. Dry Steam (Is one better than the other?)

Is A Chief Steamer Just For Detailing?

We explain that a Chief Steamer is not just for car detailing. Although our background is detailing cars, and a steamer will greatly help the process, these machines were made for all day and heavy duty use in any industry.

Chief Steamer Increase Pressure (Part 1)

We explain how and why we moderately increased the pressure in the Chief steamers and go over parts and components to do it.

Chief Steamer Increase Pressure (Part 2)

How we can moderately increase the pressure on a Chief steamer and the parts and components that are used.

 Chief Steamer Increase Pressure (Part 3)

How we can moderately increase the pressure on a Chief steamer and the parts and components that are used.

Why we do not make a Chief Steamer cheaper, residential only machine with a cheaper price and a longer warranty
in this video we explain our warranty and how we honor it and how it compares to the others


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