still only 35% using steamers?

At this point, we know almost all detailers, car washes, and car dealerships know about steam cleaners. This is no longer a technology or product that has to be explained and taught to these groups. You know about them and hopefully understand how they work. However, there are still only 35% of all shops out there that are using steam to clean.

Why is this?
A) Some guys may think they are too expensive and they do not need them.
B) Some guys may think that they can still clean as effectively and be as fast with “old school” methods like a brush and bucket, a lot of chemical and tons of water
C) Some guys will still use an extractor on ALL surfaces, including hard surfaces
D) Some guys do not even go this far and they simply wipe down surfaces and do not care all that much

Now, of the 35% that actually do have a steamer, how good and effective is the one they have? That’s tough to say and tough to determine. Many guys will buy the cheapest one they can find and think that its steam and it will work as good as any other machine. Some will work OK, some will be a joke, and some will be thrown in the corner when they find out that these cheaper ones just cant keep up. So, that brings the effective percentage of users down even more.

At this point, we are not going to try and convince you to use steam. Its too frustrating to talk to a guy who either does not believe in it, or just thinks that he can clean the conventional way as good or better and be as fast. Its not worth the time and effort in this space to convince everyone that steam is actually a better way

Then of course of the 65% of shops that still do not use steam and are thinking of buying one, they just cant decide as there are so many out there and so many different prices and different models, they just cant decide.

We have used steam for such a long time its difficult to remember not having one. But we started off with the cheap models that were still steamers but just didn’t work well. They were ineffective and broke easily. And then, nobody knew how to fix it when it broke. The seller had no idea and just told you to send it in. Then it was in the shop for 3 weeks and if it cam back and worked correctly, it was a small miracle. That is how it was even 5-6 years ago. So, we went through many models before finding a halfway good one. So, we decided to start selling them and finding out more about how they worked. That led us into manufacturing and making ones called the Chief steamer.

And our models have actually DECREASED in price over the years as we have gotten better deals and learned how to make them better. We can assure you that if yo are in the market for a steamer, we have one for you at a GREAT price! We know more about steam cleaners than anyone and you can be confident that if you buy one from us that it will be effective and make your job easier and you will save time and produce better results. Just call us and speak with us for 5 minutes and you will know that we are the one to deal with. And since we are from a detailing background, we know EXACTLY what you need. Give us a call and check out our site further