if everything else is about equal, then why buy a Chief Steamer?

We sometimes get this question asked directly when on a phone conversation. Many times, a potential customer has already figured out our passion for steamers and steam cleaning and our knowledge about our units and the technology. But we know you have researched other machines and have looked at specs and pricing. Some are more expensive than ours and some may be equal or a little cheaper

Now, sometimes we only get one chance to sell you. If the phone is not answered, or a phone message not returned, that company is off the list. If an email is not returned promptly, that company is off the list. We get it. You want a response and want to know the company is there when needed. We pride ourselves in answering the phone, returning emails and answering questions. Sometimes that cannot be done immediately, as we also will stay on a call we are on even if another beeps in. We hate to put people on hold and make them think they are not important. We try to return phone messages within an hour or 2 and the same with emails. And we will be there after the sale as well as before the sale

We do like it when people tell us about some of the competitors not returning calls or emails at all. Its tough to understand, but i guess some do business that way. But being available is only the first step in doing business. We know as much or more about steam than anyone in the US. We helped engineer all of our Chief steamer machines and we know them inside and out. We stock every part for all our machines, so even if something breaks, we will have the part to fix it and we will be able to diagnose a problem correctly.

We know our Chief steam machines are well made. We hope we convince you of that in these website page and videos we have done. But please feel free to call us. We want to make sure that a Chief steamer will indeed work for what you want to so and we want you to be in the correct machine. We tell plenty of people that will not need the higher capacity and more expensive machines if that will not benefit them. And yes, we will tell you that the smaller unit may not work for a more loftier cleaning goal. Its all about the correct machine for the correct application.