can steam clean a really dirty engine?

can steam clean a grimy engine?
yes, no, maybe…..how is that for a wishy washy answer?? Sounds like the way a politician would answer it doesn’t it?? But its a tough question. Obviously, in our videos we show what a steamer “can” do. It makes sense for us to show the positive effect steam has rather than struggling through a job and have you come away thinking its poor machine or a poor choice.

But if you push anything too far, it will not work as well as you want or it will take too much time and cost you money. Would we show a 120 volt electric steamer cleaning a semi truck that had just ridden 1000 miles through snow, sleet, and rain? Of course not. The machine cannot handle that, so we would never show it in a positive way

One of the questions we get asked all the time is engine cleaning and if it can be cleaned with steam. It makes a difference on the model you are looking at obviously as well. The higher pressure helps as well as the injection feature on our Chief 125 PSI model. We even have a video or 2 of engine cleaning but its not a filthy, oil leak, train wreck of an engine. Once you get into stuff like this, you have to realize that there is time involved as steam is not like pressure washing no matter how good the pressure of the machine is. Its NOT a pressure washer. But we also realize that you either cannot use a pressure washer or you do not want to use one

So the only other option to reduce water and the runoff that a greasy engine will produce is a steamer to get the job done. Now it can and will work, but how long will it take is a tough question. It certainly will not be as fast as a pressure washer. Its more frustrating to use a steamer if you have ever used a pressure washer to clean anything before, especially a greasy, grimy engine. But you will get there. You just have to determine if the extra time is worth it and if you are being paid accordingly to get the job done.

And this holds true for ANY disgusting dirty thing that you want to clean with a steamer instead of a pressure washer. It can be done and done effective. But its the time factor that has to be considered. So, as you see, we do not lie about what a machine can do as we have already been there before and have done these types of cleaning chores with steam. So, by saying yes, it does not mean it will be the same as what a pressure washer can do and it will not be as fast. But the flip side is no runoff and its much safer and maybe the only option to clean an engine if you are not allowed to use tons of water. And we really do not want to say “NO” you cant clean a really dirt engine (or anything else) because there are patient people who will out the extra time in and get the desired results and charge accordingly. You have to know where you fall in