Chief Steamer 100 PSI Commercial Refill Steam Cleaner


Chief Steamer 100 PSI Commercial Refill Steam Cleaner

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The Chief Steamer 100 has high pressure, continuous refill, great recovery, and will work all day long! Compare our specs and prices to the other leading steamers. Watch all of our videos and see why we should be your answer to “which steamer to buy?”

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The Chief Steamer 100 PSI Refill Commercial Steam Cleaner

  1. Continuous fill- a huge plus which means no downtime.
  2. ALL Italian made
  3.  heavy duty polished all stainless steel body.
  4. Stainless steel AISI 304 boiler which meets a very high industry standard. This is VERY important!
  5. LIFETIME boiler warranty
  6. External heating element- there are no coils that touch water. It is on the “outside” of the boiler
  7. LIFETIME warranty on heating element
  8. 1750 (14.5 amps) watts of power to get to pressure quickly!
  9. 3-year warranty on other internal parts
  10. Easy servicing
  11. Fast heating 2.0-liter boiler in about 9-10 minutes
  12. Excellent recovery time. About a 1:1.25 ratio of ON and recovery
  13. 2.5-liter water tank (non-pressurized)
  14. Infinite steam volume control from zero to max pressure
  15. Now at 110 PSI. A modest 10 PSI increase which helps with “working” pressure. It’s still not a “pressure washer” but every little bit helps.
  16. About 335-degree boiler steam temperature in the boiler
  17. About 280-295 degrees at the wand tip (depending on the output desired). We may be slightly less than other competitors due to a longer hose, but our higher pressure should compensate for hose length
  18. 12-foot hose- ( as of 12/27/2017) we found this hose length to be a perfect size. A 3-foot extender hose is available
  19. 13-foot electrical cord
  20. Full accessory package
  21. Lightweight and portable- about 23 pounds
  22. Engineered specifically for USA use
  23. Please see the gallery picture for all the included attachments

Why continuous fill? There are no “cons” or downsides to a continuous fill steamer. Some people claim they are “wetter” and spit water all over. This is simply not true with a good machine that has a high-quality boiler and heater. Our Chief Steamer refill steamer still has very dry steam vapor just like our single pro 75 version.

The “pros” and all the upside to a continuous fill model are many:

  • More convenient – Simply add water to a non-pressurized tank and let the machine do the rest. It fills the boiler automatically and starts the heating process on its own. When the boiler requests water, it will fill it as needed
  • Much safer – There is no pressurized cap that may need to be removed when the boiler runs out of water. The tank you are adding water to is under zero pressure.
  • No downtime – On a single or boiler cap steam cleaner, when the boiler is empty, steam can no longer be made. Therefore, you need to stop working. This is where the danger comes in. At this point, if you want to continue to work, the steam needs to be bled out of the boiler…..very carefully. Then, you would have to remove the boiler cap. This is NEVER recommended when the machine is hot. Although there may not show any more pressure, there is always residual pressure in a steam boiler and a boiler cap being removed at this time will need to be done with EXTREME care. Even when done correctly, there is always a chance of being scalded and there is still the down time in doing all this, then refilling the boiler and waiting for it to heat again
  • Smaller boilers and bigger heaters can be used In a very well engineered machine such as the Chief Steamer refill, we use a smaller boiler than pressure cap machines. This is actually a “advantage”, not a “disadvantage”. A smaller boiler will still produce a great volume of steam and still hold pressure well if the boiler and the heater are well-engineered such as it is in our machine. As well, a smaller boiler will heat faster and recover faster. We use a high wattage heater which will heat faster and make steam quicker. There is a balance of the size of the boiler, the room inside available for steam, and the heater wattage. We think we have struck a perfect balance.
  • 24/7 – You may have seen some companies advertise their steamers 24/7 machines. That is not claiming how heavy duty or commercial they necessarily may be. They are just saying that with a continuous fill machine you can work it all day long as there is no downtime as we have explained. HOWEVER, keep this really important point in mind. Just because they claim it a 24/7 machine, it may not be commercial grade. Our Chief Steamer Refill is full commercial grade……and of course can operate 24/7 It is true that a continuous fill machine needs to be more expensive than a single boiler or a pressure cap machine. There are more electronics in these machines and they should be built to much higher standards. We cannot build inexpensive continuous fill machines for the reasons we just pointed out. Because there needs to be more electronics, these electronics such as the circuit board, pump, sensors, and wiring need to be heavy duty. We expect our customers will be using these machines for long periods of time during the day. The components need to be commercial grade. We cannot make a continuous refill unit that is only slightly more expensive than the single or boiler cap version. They will always be more expensive than the boiler cap versions

The Chief Steamer name has been synonymous with quality over the years. It has to be a heavy-duty commercial steamer that can stand up to every day and all-day use. And of course, it needs to be powerful. Just in case you think a heavy-duty commercial machine such as the Chief Steamer is “expensive”, we want to show you the “competition” and list some companies who list their commercial steam cleaner prices. These steam cleaners, in our opinion are very good units, but in most of them have lower specs but higher prices. (Prices as of 11/2016) Lady Bug Tekno 2350 $2155 Lady Bug XL2300 $1706 Reliable Brio Pro 1000- $1698 Vapor Jet PC 2400- $2330 US Steam- Eagle- $1899 Amerivap Vapor Blitz II- $2099.00 DuPray Hill Injection- $1997 Vapamore MR-1000 Forza- $1499 We also know there are other steam cleaners whose prices are not listed, which means they are likely more expensive than the Chief Steamer, and still will have LESS pressure, LESS heat, LESS features, or at most be equal to the Chief Steamer, but still more money. And last, there are countless steam cleaners that are just a little less expensive than the Chief Steamer, but when you look at the specs and features, these steam cleaners do not even come close to the quality and performance of the Chief Steamer. We invite you to look at the competition. We know after you do your research, you will see that the Chief Steamer is the one to choose and the best deal. Read more about the features and engineering of the Chief Steamer A Chief Steamer cleaner is engineered to protect itself. It knows that its owner may not take as great of care of it as they may have promised when it was new. So there are built-in safety items that automatically “protect and save” the steamer from a harsh user. For instance

  • Chief Steamer cleaner uses an “external” heating element. This ensures that coils never are immersed in water and cannot corrode. In addition, our heater fully surrounds the bottom of the boiler and heats the water evenly, radiates heat through and around and gets it up to pressure quickly. Because of this design, we can offer a lifetime warranty on the heater.
  • A Chief Steamer cleaner cannot run its pump more than 45 seconds without shutting down and “resting”. If it senses the pump has been run too long, such as in low water or NO water situation where it has no water to pump, it shuts off. If there is a leak and it has no water to pump, it shuts off. It will NOT burn itself out. A high-quality pump is standard on all Chief Steamer commercial steam cleaners.
  • A Chief Steamer cleaner has an “external” heat temperature sensor that is mounted on the bottom of the boiler to sense excessive temperature and turn the heater off if the temperature gets too hot. This saves the heater, the boiler, all components, and is an added safety feature.
  • Chief Steamer cleaners all have 12 Gage wiring. These thicker, stronger wires are easily able to transmit the 1750 watts to the heater and all other electrical components
  • The Chief Steamer will now have a “sleep” feature to turn off the heater if the machine has not been used for 20 continuous minutes. If it’s not used for 1 hour, it will automatically shut off to save electricity and be safer. We program this into our circuit boards

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Dimensions and Weight


  • 20 pounds (empty)


  • 13 inches tall
  • 20 inches long to the back of water tank
  • 11 inches wide

Included Accessories

This is what is included with the Chief Steam 100 Steamer







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Every Chief Steamer is built to the highest standards and tested at the factory before being shipped. It should be in perfect operating condition when it arrives at your location. However, if a part or component malfunctions during the warranty period, it will be replaced at no cost to the user during the warranty period. The Warranty is as follows against manufacturer defects.

  • Lifetime warranty on the stainless steel boiler
  • Lifetime warranty on the external heating element
  • 3 years on all the internal electrical components

The warranty will cover…

  • Electrical parts replacement under the warranty period
  • Our labor to install the part if the machine needs to be sent back to us.
  • Cost of shipping a repaired machine back to the customer within the first year
  • Cost of shipping a defective machine from the customer back to us within the first 180 days
  • The warranty period begins from 5 days after the invoice to the customer
  • Electrical parts that prove to be defective. Shipping of parts to the customer will be included for the first 180 days of use. After that, the part (if determined to be defective) will be covered, but shipping will be paid by the customer.
  •  We will coach the customer on its replacement. This reduces down time and possible damage in shipping of the steamer. We will NOT cover labor for the customer to install the part

The warranty will NOT cover…..

  • Replacement machines. If a machine is older than 30 days, it will be repaired, not replaced. All repairs bring a machine back to full operating capacity.
  • Gun and hose parts that will wear or be subject to abuse
  • Cosmetic items on the machine that have no effect on its use or operation.
  • Parts and components subject to wear and tear such as O-rings, brushes, boiler caps, and accessories that have failed from abuse or, over use, and not defects. Wands and brushes are NOT warranty items


19 reviews for Chief Steamer 100 PSI Commercial Refill Steam Cleaner

  1. Patti S (verified owner)

    I am in charge of housekeeping at a mid size brand hotel. We made a decision to start cleaning with steam and began the search. There are so many out there but i wanted a full commercial machine. Price is always an issue as we needed multiple units and we have a budget. But we also look down the road and what it will cost to keep something up and running. This was more money but we needed performance and service. We have received both. A few minor issues since we have had them but Kevin diagnosed each one correctly over the phone and they were easily repaired. In the long run we will save money with these machines based on quality and the warranty. And it cleans everything we need to clean in record time. Housekeepers are spending an average of 6 minutes less per room which is HUGE in a large hotel.

  2. Quentin P (verified owner)

    I do not give anything a 5 star rating. That would mean perfection. This machine is excellent and is so much better than my previous steamer in all areas. if only they could make a steamer that was $1000 and would also have the injection feature and not drop pressure, then its a 5 star. But this is a really good one.

  3. Carl J (verified owner)

    We are a bigger detail shop on a large metropolitan area with many car dealers. We detail many of their used cars. I have had a few steamers before this. Most were the boiler cap types which were pretty good but lower pressure, only 2 or 3 steam settings, short hose, etc. The old style steamer. They are still out there in droves which surprised me. But I wanted the auto refill model. I paid more for this model based on the guy specializes in detailing and training. Seemed easy. Was easy! Got it fast. Set up is filling it, pressing the power button, punching in the hose and seeing it reach pressure really fast. Then blow steam and it blew me away. Sure, the pressure drops but it stays good enough to do tough carpets and seats without stopping to let it charge again. Horse hair brushes are great. The 3 hole tip is great. Longer hose is certainly helpful. We were using steam before this one, but we are now a little faster and a little more effective and so far no issues.

  4. Anthony H (verified owner)

    Our car dealership details 10-12 used cars per day. We have had other so-called commercial steam cleaners that either could not do the job or broke all the time. Kevin builds a machine that has held up, performs exceedingly well, and cars get done faster. He is always there to answer a question and get us the correct part to fix it. We run our steamers 9 hours per day and they hold up well.

  5. James C (verified owner)

    Didn’t know if it would work on my mixers in my bakery but gave it a shot based on pressure and heat ratings. Great volume of steam and seems to hold pressure well. I can clean a mixer with dried batter in no time. before it was cleaners and hot water and way too much of a mess. Have moved on to cleaning the trays, stove tops, stainless counters, blowing crumbs out of the display windows, even the registers which always have a dusty mess of powdered sugar and stains all over. The steam can be adjusted to very low and dry to full blast and wetter which helps. We are finding new ways to use it every day and it stays plugged in and ready in the back.

  6. Leif

    Use a wet/dry Bostitch vac at the same time. Works excellent. Better than a all in one unit.

  7. Roger T (verified owner)

    I own a car wash. We do express interiors that need to be done in 15-20 minutes. Obviously steam was the way to go and the refill model is what we needed as it has to be ready at all times. The things we clean in 20 minutes should take double that time. We now advertise express steam cleaning and we are busy all day. We should be charging more for what we do with the steamer. Easy to operate for anyone who needs to use it and very safe to use and fill up.

  8. Barbara M (verified owner)

    I would love to give this little work horse more than 3, but it arrived a little dinged up. Maybe the fault of fed ex or the fault of the person packing it. But Kevin did give me a slight credit for the damage as it worked fine. Then the gun leaked a little on its second day and hot water was running down to my hand. Called Kevin again, and again he was happy to help me replace the oring that made its way off the nipple. Since then its been super and works like a champ. Heats fast and recovers fast. The nozzle that holds the round brushes does get very hot after using it for a while. They maybe could have insulated that a little better. 5 star for performance but only 3 for the slight hiccups in the beginning and the hot nozzle which makes me wear a glove.

  9. Patrick M (verified owner)

    Never had a steamer before so I did tons of research and made countless calls before buying one. Kevin was a straight shooter and told me what to expect with any machine. He seems to know the competition but does not say bad things and only points out differences and if they matter or not. I do like the idea of the external heater and the lifetime boiler and heater warranty makes me think these will not be an issue. When I got it, it heated faster than I thought and blew steam like I did not expect. You feel the pressure coming through the hose and rushing out the front. Cleaning a car is much easier and customers love the idea of steam cleaning. Will pay for itself very fast.

  10. Griffin W (verified owner)

    I never used steam before but I needed to clean pet cages and grooming tables in my dog grooming shop. Steam seemed to be the way to go. I wanted the continuous refill model and the extra pressure and longer hose. It works really well in getting the corners clean of hair and some other doggie stuff that I will not mention here. I can have it ready to go in less than 10 minutes. It will drop pressure if you look at the Gage but you really do not notice it or see it until a couple of minutes have gone by. Never gets to the point where I cant work anymore.

  11. Laurie (verified owner)

    Terrific product & EXCELLENT help from Kevin I had researched Vapor Steam Cleaners for over one year before pulling the trigger on the Vapor Chief 100 The Vapor Chief design and ease of use is top notch The external heating element is genius After receiving my steamer, I put it to the test and it performed flawlessly I am using the steamer to clean and sanitize my home It works great for cleaning the tile in the bathroom, the tub, sink, and toilet all sparkle like new with no need for chemicals As a steam mop on the hardwood floors there is nothing better To clean the kitchen including the built up grime on the stove top that would not come up in the past….. there is no comparison My home is clean, fresh, and I no longer need to purchase chemical cleaners! I am so pleased that I just ordered a second Vapor Chief for my second home If you are on the fence, call Kevin, he will answer your questions and then give the Vapor Chief a try You will not be disappointed

  12. Timothy Roedig (verified owner)

    This is the machine to have, I am so glad I stepped up to the 100. I use this for detailing as well as around the house and like any tool that makes the job easier this puppy works well. I will say if you are thinking about the 75 spend the extra it will put a smile on your face. This machine is well made easy to use has a very nice hose and attachments as well. Shipping was fast and Kevin answered all my emails quickly. I am very pleased with my purchase and let’s face it it’s not a cheap machine but for the money I feel it’s worth it. Thanks Kevin

  13. pedromj (verified owner)

    I own a pizza restaurant and my ovens buildup grease very easily. This unit is a time saver! No more chemicals. Get the job done just using the brass brush.
    The only two minor issues: the casters (wheels) don’t fit easily on the unit. Some of the plastic attachments have live edges: careful it can hurt. Overall a great buy!

  14. David Smith (verified owner)

    Never owned a steamer before but after doing lots of research I purchased the 100. Upon arrival I was missing the caster wheels, made a quick call to Kevin and had a set within a few days and was very apologetic about the situation. This unit is so nice! What a time saver this will be in auto detailing and around the house. Very well built, performance is fantastic, it’s a great investment, absolutely love it!!

  15. nycdieslcross (verified owner)

    Thanks so much. After my house clean business when bankrupt FROM COVID 19. I had a lil money saved for 2 machines. And I was able to get some biz again. Thanks again. the steam chef 100 works amazing its a beautiful mechine. If anyone needs there business or home sanitized call quarantine clean llc at 631-357-6315. We are serving Suffolk count ny. God bless and stay safe everyone.

  16. curtisdoz99 (verified owner)

    I have been running the 100 steamer for about one year now, and I have nothing but good things to say about it. My detailing business would be nothing without this steamer, it’s been a totally workhorse. You wouldn’t be disappointed in this purchase, the value this steamer provides is greater than the price tag!

  17. kent62505 (verified owner)

    After purchasing the Chief 100 refill in the Spring of 2020 I’ve put it through its paces detailing boats and vehicles, cleaning the house, children’s toys, the garage floor, etc. Its never missed a beat. The steam it produces is extremely hot though temperature is easily managed by small increases in distance for more sensitive surfaces which is great for automotive use as so many materials are found across the range of vehicles. The wetness of the steam has a wide range of adjustment that goes from barely condenses all the way to dripping/running off of a surface. Working time is great for the size of the unit. There is sufficient work time to clean an area large enough that the amount of time it takes to wipe down and dry the area and move on to the next the boiler is back up to pressure and ready to go. We can clean most of the house on a single full tank of water, very convenient not having to open a boiler and refill multiple times. The 3 hole nozzle and brush options make extremely short work of an oven without the fumes.

    Use in large vehicles is great due to the small size of the unit it can be rolled up near the body to get maximum reach out of the steam hose or even brought into the interior if space allows such as a sprinter van or similar. I have no problem reaching any area of our full sized SUV’s and never fear of running into the body as it will simply roll beneath it.

    The floor mop tool is an absolute must if you have hard surface flooring that is heat and water resistant, it is easily my wife’s favorite option and saves much time and the kitchen no longer smells like harsh, over scented cleaner that would leave a streaky residue behind. The floors are brighter and shine better than ever. The steam squeegee is likely one of the most surprising “extras” it comes with. I honestly would have probably passed on this if it were a separate purchase but it works fantastic. I haven’t bought a single bottle of glass cleaner since owning it. If there were a different wiper available for it, say, silicone or similar I feel it would be a worthwhile upgrade. The foam on mine works fine from a function standpoint and so far has been durable but often makes a squeak that is like nails on a chalkboard.

    All in all it has been a great investment with top notch support/answering of any questions. It saves time and money on cleaners and leaves no odd smells or residue. Customers have been even more impressed with the quality of the detail since the switch to steam.

  18. jpyburnjr (verified owner)

    Purchased the 100 and have been very satisfied. It works great without fail and maintenance is a breeze due to the impressive design of the unit. Kevin has also been very helpful as I changed my order mid shipment for an upgrade.

  19. Gregory Prewitt (verified owner)

    A true workhorse. This was my second purchase of a steamer from Kevin and Chief Steamer. I simply cannot express how solid these machines are. I initially purchased a 75 that has paid dividends for my business. Steaming efficiently has changed the way I plan my weekly schedule. They flat out perform and cut down on the time that I spend on even the worst interiors I see. I recently upgraded to the 100 model and still use the 75 as well. Having both of these workhorses in my shop is something I see as added insurance. I can run one machine while a co-worker runs another on a separate large job, doubling the income I receive in a day. These machines (and provided accessories) are worth every penny. I continue to tell my detailing friends the value of these machines and the customer service associated with them. I am a lifelong customer and once you use these machines and speak with Kevin, I am confident you will be as well.

  20. sudsautolv (verified owner)

    10/10 Review. 5 Stars isn’t enough! I’ll have to be honest; I’ve had my eye on the Chief Steamer 100 for a while now but just couldn’t bring myself around to paying over $1000 for the machine. We have bought several of the china made plastic steamers to include the Wagner and McCulloch units and they just could not hang. Both units took around 18-20 minutes to heat up and while they worked ok, they simply took way too long to heat up. The frustration we experienced from accidentally unplugging the unit just to wait another long period of time to warm back up and having the handle crack and burning myself was enough to drive me to want to give up on these cheaply made units. Had to face the reality of dumping a $1000 into multiple cheap steamers or just invest in a solid unit. Well the Chief 100 arrived today and to say I’m stoked with its performance is an understatement. This thing is not only a tank but it also heats up in 9 minutes!!! That in itself is worth it to me. The Wagner and McCulloch simply can’t hang with the performance of the Chief 100. It’s literally night and day difference! This machine will easily pay for itself and then some. If you’re questioning getting one; just do yourself a favor and pull the trigger. Its worth every penny!!

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