Chief Steamer 125 Car Wash Industrial Steam Cleaner

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The Chief steamer 125 (now at 135 PSI) has excellent pressure, great recovery, chemical injection, and will work all day long. Compare us to the other leading steamers. Watch all of our videos and see how car detailers are washing cars with a Chief Steamer!

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See Part 2 of the Chief Steamer 125 intro video at the bottom of the page

The Chief Steamer 125

Car Wash Steam Cleaner can tackle any exterior or interior cleaning job: NOW AT 135 PSI- see our videos here on how and why we increased pressure

  • 120 Volts– we know that is your choice if possible- Only 1 power cord.  Remember 2 cords equals 240 volts!
  • Portable– This machine only weighs 50 pounds and can be easily transported. One person can lift it in and out of a small van or SUV
  • NO diesel and NO propane- If you want to wash cars indoors or in a garage, you cannot have the fumes and fire hazards of these fuel type steamers
  • Exterior and Interior use- The Big diesel and propane steam cleaners are really only good for the exterior- Do you really want to have 2 machines for exterior and interior use?
  • Plenty of starting pressure at 135 PSI.
  • Injection- With a large 5 liter injection tank, you can mix your favorite cleaner (we recommend Optimum No Rinse) in the injection tank and spray that along with the steam as your car wash product
  • Less Expensive- We are able to sell this commercial car wash steam cleaner for a THIRD of what the Diesel or Propane machines cost!
  • Easy maintenance- Did you ever think of what happens if the larger Diesel or propane machines break down? What do you do? You cannot ship it back. No One will come over and look at it. YOU will have to bring it to the nearest repair center which could be hundreds of miles away. The Chief Steamer 125 most likely will never need to be shipped back. We can usually diagnose a problem over the phone and parts replacement can easily be done by the user

OK, we know that ANY 120 volt steam cleaner cannot realistically compare to a diesel machine in power and steam volume. But as we just stated above, we still think the Chief Steamer Car Wash is still the logical choice. Please look at the videos and please call us (201-261-7497) to discuss the merits and why you should choose this one. Now, here are the great specifications of the Chief Steamer 125 car wash steamer

  1. Heavy duty stainless steel body to handle the rigors of all day use
  2. Continuous fill for all day use
  3. Super duty 304 AISI stainless steel boiler which meets all industry standard codes
  4. LIFETIME warranty on this boiler
  5. LIFETIME warranty on the heating element
  6. 3 year warranty on internal electrical components
  7. 3.0 liter boiler is the perfect size for great pressure and fast recovery
  8. Fast heating in about 12-13 minutes
  9. heavy duty 1750 watt heater
  10. EXTERNAL heater means that the heater is not in the boiler and not touching water
  11. Now at 135 PSI in the boiler. Not a huge bump up from the previous 125 but it will help and gets us closer to the competitor
  12. great steam delivery and volume
  13. 350 degree steam temperature in the boiler
  14. steam pressure adjustment from zero to maximum pressure
  15. Injection cleaner adjustment valve on the front of the machine
  16. Full Attachment package
  17. 15 foot hose
  18. 13 foot power cord
  19. INJECTION system separate from the boiler system which is a HUGE advantage
  20. Still only weighs 50 pounds
  21. BIG 5 liter external water tank
  22. BIG 5 liter external injection tank
  23. Full attachment kit. Please see the list here
  24. Attention Detailers- We want to let you know that we can pack a machine used for detailing with what we call the “detailers kit”. This means that we are subtracting a few items that detailers do not use on a car. In all our years in detailing cars and using steam cleaners, we have found these attachments to not be needed.
    What will be deleted is the following
    2- extension tubes
    2- brass bristle brushes
    Long rectangle floor brush
  25. So, what we are doing is offering a $35 credit if you choose to leave these out. Please look at our video explaining this here.
    Use coupon code “detailerkit” to subtract the attachments and the $35 off ANY of our Vapor Chief Steamers used for detailing


It features chemical injection (the cleaner of your choice) that bypasses the boiler and uses a pump to inject your favorite cleaning solution directly into the steam hose. If you need slightly wetter steam, the button on the handle will give you the injection you need to clean tough grease and grime where wetter and higher steam volume is needed, while still being water friendly.

The key feature in the Chief Steamer 125 car wash is the INJECTION! Now this is a different injection than you may have seen on some of the smaller units that claim they can clean built up grease and grime on commercial ovens. It just doesn’t work. Here is why…… those small steamers are simply running the water in the boiler through the hose to give you more wetness. It’s nice and will be more helpful than not having it at all, but that wetness and extra water lasts about 10 seconds and that you lose most of the pressure. It uses the water in the boiler much faster That is not really a good option to wash a car.

NOTE:    GENERATOR USE-This machine will pull 1750 watts or about 14.5 amps. Please source a generator NOT just based on wattage. A good generator will have at least 3000 watts or more. However, the operating 120 volt circuit to be used should have at least 15 amps available on the circuit. Using a generator rated at LESS than 15 amps on the circuit will create too much heat and resistance.

11 reviews for Chief Steamer 125 Car Wash Industrial Steam Cleaner

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Chris R (verified owner)

    I have an Optima steamer. It works great but it does have issues and to get it repaired is difficult. So we wanted another steamer but not another Optima. I always knew Kevin sold steamers and checked his out. The price is great compared to mine so i gave it a try. The steam is really good but not like the diesel but its OK because the injection makes the difference. And you cant walk around the whole car blowing steam like you can with Optima, but i also have to stop with that one to spray on cleaner. i can do a car a little faster with the Optima. But you have to get your cleaner on the surfaces. And on the inside the Optima is really not too good. And if we need to do a car on site, we bring the injection machine. If you were on a dealer lot just steaming down and washing lot cars one after another, i choose Optima. If you are washing a car to detail and not too many in a row, save the money and get this one.

  2. Rated 3 out of 5

    Dwayne G (verified owner)

    I originally bought this to clean my landscaping trucks and mowers as power washing makes too much of a mess. Its not good enough for that. I cant get the grease off the equipment as its caked on too much. My mistake for thinking it may work. But then I started washing my own car which is always dirty from my clothes and being in the dirty yard and it works pretty good on that. The bigger and dirtier stuff, its not powerful enough. But the smaller and less dirty stuff it does work well. We also now use it in the office and bathroom and it works well there. It does not have enough power for large trucks however.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Barry C (verified owner)

    I have a few cars, some of them are classics in a large garage. I wanted to clean them in place and be able to do my daily drivers as well. Works really well with a waterless wash in the chemical tank. I do it the way its explained in the videos and the cars get clean and do not have to move. Very minimal drips on the floor. Did have one slight issue where the chemical was not being sucked from the tank but Kevin helped me fix it pretty easily. Also wish there was a tray or place to hold the brushes.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Colin G (verified owner)

    I did a lot of research on bigger steamers to help me wash cars. We do work in parking garages in New York City. Diesel was not an option and neither was 220 volt. We already used a waterless wash product but some building managers were not impressed with just that method and our cars were not coming out as good with just that method and they were taking too long. We knew we needed steam. Kevin was pretty close to us and gave us a very long demonstration and showed exactly how to use it and explained everything. It makes a huge difference and he is very smart about detailing and steamers. Its a very good combination and he has helped us in immensely. We use it all day long and its held up well so far.

  5. Rated 4 out of 5

    Lynn W (verified owner)

    We purchased this to clean a nursing home. We thought the extra pressure and chemical injection would help. It does. We find the injection part of the machine helps in the kitchen and bathrooms for tile and grout. The rinsing of the injection works well. Pressure does drop as the maintenance staff just wants to keep spraying steam and cleaner at all times. But it never goes below 75 no matter how long its used. Sometimes it gets too wet if injection is used too much. Steam adjustment and the injection adjustment should be labeled a little better. But it works well and we are finding new areas to clean almost daily.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Russell J (verified owner)

    My detail shop does not have a floor drain. Have been researching steamers to wash a car for a while. I cant use the diesel inside the shop and my budget didn’t allow for it anyway. I bought this over the other one as I liked the videos and it was a little less expensive and Kevin is a detail guy and he designed it. I am sure the other one with more pressure would be good also. But this one works great. Kevin was a big help in learning how to wash a car with steam and waterless wash. On the inside its just as good and you do not need full pressure as that gets things too wet.

  7. Rated 4 out of 5

    James F (verified owner)

    We needed to be able to clean our shuttle bus for our hotel without getting seats too wet. I had looked at smaller steamers at lower pressure to do the inside of the bus. One of these probably would have worked fine. But then we wanted to be able to clean the exterior as well without sending it constantly to the car wash. This one looked like it may work for both. We saw the videos of the car being cleaned with salt on it and that sold us. It does have a lot less pressure after 2 or 3 minutes and we are probably using it incorrectly. But we spray steam and chemical on half the side and wipe it down. This takes about 3 minutes. To complete the other half of the side another 3 minutes. While it “rests” the pressure quickly goes back up. We can do the entire bus in about 20 minutes and it looks great. Our guy would be at the car wash for an hour and it came back still not totally clean and still dripping water. A little heavy to get inside the bus and you have to be careful where you pick it up. You cant leave it outside as the hose wont reach all the way to the back. They said a longer hose cannot be used. But it cleans the inside terrific in no time and no wet seats.

  8. Rated 4 out of 5

    Robert D (verified owner)

    I wanted a steamer to be able to clean the inside and outside of a car. I saw videos of all the different diesel steamers and was very impressed. But the prices were very high and I was not impressed how they cleaned interiors. So for that kind of money I had to look at a smaller electric one. I quickly narrowed down the choices and I bought this one as he always answered the phone and pulled no punches about what it could and could not do. When I use the injection with the waterless cleaner, it fully wets the areas and I just wipe down. I can blow off very dirty areas and it works like he shows in the video. Even when the pressure is lower, it still works well. Not a problem on the interior.

  9. Rated 4 out of 5

    Daniel A (verified owner)

    I looked for a steamer to help clean a fleet of limos. The car wash wash getting expensive and time consuming. We could not wash them inside the garage with a pressure washer or a hose so we researched steam. Electric was the way to go and this machine does well. The wash tank for the spray injection is great on the exterior and we fly through the interior and clean up spills and other “messes” that party goers make inside a limo. It does take a little more time to wash a limo with steam and the pressure will drop if we use it engaged too long. But its a time saver and great working machine.

  10. Rated 4 out of 5

    Paul K (verified owner)

    I am a mobile detailer. I looked at diesel and it would have worked for me being outside. But cost was a factor and I wanted brushes to do the interior. I decided on electric in 120 voltage. I chose this over the other electric injection steamer not only on price but the videos were great and pretty honest. I have had to adjust the way I wash a car and learn a completely new process. But it works. And as long as I do sections at a time, the pressure is good and the chemical delivery is excellent. The hose is long enough but of course not as long as the diesel machine. Works great on the interior with pressure turned lower. Most cars are not a problem to clean. Still getting used to much lower pressure compared to a power washer or having a diesel.

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    bigpete405 (verified owner)

    I’m a mobile detailer I specialize in semi trucks. Every truck I work on is filthy. I started researching steamers and knew the 125 was the right fit for me. I primarily use this for interior detailing, engine bay defailing, and waterless washes inside the shop. At 120 volts you can easily plug into any outlet, the steam pressure and volume are strong. I had a McCulloch 175 before this and it didn’t even remotely compare to the vapor chief. The chemical injection is fantastic and to be honest I’ve only used water in the second tank and that alone has done the trick when I need a little extra umph. Listen to Kevin’s videos and don’t expect this to work like a 13-20 hp pressure washer, this machine is powerful for what it’s intended purpose is. It’s great to have in my arsenal. Last but not least I have to talk about Kevin. He’s a absolute stand up business owner, anytime I called to ask him his opinion or a question he gladly stayed on the phone for 15 plus mins giving me his thoughts to answer my question and do it a better way. He stands behind his steamers and is a detailer also. Thanks Kev!

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