Notice Regarding Inventory

Kevin Farrell, Owner of Chief Steamer


Regarding inventory and out of stock items. As you know, Italy was hit very hard first with the Virus. Our machines, and most of the other good steamers, are manufactured in Italy. We had tried to stay ahead of the possibility of Italy closing for the last couple of months and have had numerous shipments make it out and be delivered to us. But Italy did have to shut down and that included our manufacturer back in early March. At that time, we still did have numerous orders on the way.

However, in the time the virus took off here, our demand grew as well. Orders that arrived were sold shortly after that. Its been extremely difficult to keep up with demand, and we appreciate that you have the confidence in our steamers to tackle your cleaning jobs. But replenishing inventory has proved to be a challenge.

We have been in constant contact with our manufacturer as to when they can ship again and how fast they can get us machines. As of today 4/13 Italy is still not allowed to work. We are hoping they can get back this week, and ONLY the businesses that are making a product that can aid in the virus fight will be allowed to go back this week in Italy. All others still have to wait another two weeks. Our manufacturer has petitioned to be one of the companies to go back to work, as a steam cleaner can hopefully aid in this fight

With that said, machines take a little time to build, test, and be packaged. They then need to be picked up and brought to the shipper’s warehouse and be booked on a boat to the US. Once on a boat, it takes approximately 20 days to be delivered to us to replenish inventory. We have components stocked in Italy, and everything is ready to go. But it does take a little time. We also, before the Italian lockdown, have brought in machines and parts by air. This was at an extreme cost to us to keep our inventory at a reasonable level and keep machines shipping out. But inventory has dwindled, and Italy was not allowed to work. So we could not get any more other than what was already on the way either by air or by sea.

Once back to work and hopefully this week, it’s “full steam ahead” so to speak on building and to get machines here. We have ordered a bunch, and hopefully, they can be built and shipped as soon as possible. We do have another small shipment on the way that is due to arrive on or about 4/22. That still may change. We cannot take pre-orders. It’s not fair. We ask you to join the waitlist, and an email will be sent when we place inventory back in stock. There is no guarantee that being on the waitlist will mean a machine is being held for you. They may sell out before you are ready to buy. But this will be temporary. We WILL have machines back soon enough. We appreciate your support and patience. Thank you, and be safe!

Chief Steamer