An Email from a potential Chief steamer customer

We wanted to share with you email correspondences which we had with a potential purchaser of one of our Chief Steam Cleaners.  We wanted to share it with you to illustrate one of the primary reasons why people time and again choose Chief Steamer over our competitors; it’s all about our customer service and honesty.  We don’t want to sell you a machine you don’t need.  We rather you contact us, like the customer below and explain what you wanted to use one of our Steam Cleaners for.  We’ll help you make the best choice for your intended use.

1st Email

“Dear Vapor Chief Steamer Representative,

Hope you are having a wonderful day.

The primary reason for me contacting you is that I just really wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your website.

Note: I tend to be very talkative so you can stop reading after the summary above as I recognize that you are very busy and although positive compliments are nice, time is money and a small business needs to spend energy on new customers.

Sooooo feel free to read the below at your leisure as it is just me rambling… lol….

Your website has a very down to earth tone to it that it is refreshing in a world of corporate giants that have all of those clever marketing terms with seemingly one goal to deceive and/or confuse.

As a little background about me (Note: I know you mentioned that you are a small business so I know you do not have time to read my long version.) lol…

Background: I am a homeowner that recently became interested in steamer. The original idea was a steam mop for tile floors and grout, but the primary idea was a steamer to clean my shower. My shower wall, the floor, and the door is giving me the blues.

The scope expanded when I learned that a steamer could be used to wash a car. The local car washers and washing by hand have produced horrible results for trying to wash my car. (Note: I know in your video that you mentioned that a steamer could possibly take longer to wash a car. I am okay with doing it if it will get better results than what I have been getting. Much longer story.)

The steamer models that I have looked at: 1) diesel Optima Cleaner; 2) Dupray steam box; 3) Dupray Hill Injection; 4) Bissell handheld; 5) McCulloch MC 1385; and the 6) Vapor Chief 125.

I have no desire to go into the detailing business and/or to start my own cleaning business. I was just looking for a product that was versatile enough to clean tile and grout, clean my shower, and power steam/wash my car. The other items were icing on the cake such as cleaning the toilets, sinks, and spot treating carpet.

As an aside…. I watched a number of your product demos on YouTube and your website… everything from cleaning the red car that was covered with salt and the hood to demonstrating the difference between dry and wet steam to the carpet video to the sink video and I believe there was a tile and grout mop video.

I know you addressed this item in a video where you talk about why many of your videos focus on detailing a car with the logic of being able to detail a car means that the steamer would be able to handle shower wall, floor, and door, buuuuuuuut it would have been nice to see the steamer in action.

And oh, I did read the reviews on your website with the discussion comparison against your competitors as well as the response to the rip-off report. Like I said, I really enjoyed reading through your website and learning about your company.

I said all of that to say, that unfortunately, I am going to likely go with the McCulloch MC1385 for 200 bucks. It is limited to residential use and the biggest complaints for many reviews is that it is not durable and can easily break during the first use. Buuuuut unfortunately, I have a very tight budget and some other financial priorities, buuuuuuuut if I had the loot, I would buy the Chief 125 yesterday!!!! It has the majors in terms of a warranty and separate heating element! The warranty is what I am looking for! The separate heating element is an excellent idea. Your thorough explanation of the need for injection and helping me understand that it is a myth to think that steam by itself can clean everything without the injection cleaner… I mean there was so much that I learned in reviewing your website.

Sooo… I said all of that really just to say…. I really enjoyed your website! I enjoyed your videos!!!! From my research, you do likely have a much superior product. Not as pretty and fancy looking as the other products, but as a consumer, I am looking for durable and reliable and a long term investment and not something that can potentially break in the first use which is the reason I have not purchased the McCulloch yet… lol… I might end up with the Bissell as it is only 30 – 50 bucks.

In either case, happy holidays and hoping you have overwhelming sales for the holiday.

Have a nice day.


2nd Email, our response.

“HI Mark,
Thank you so much for taking the time to write. I understand the need for a cheaper, more residential steamer. My manufacturer has traditionally always made commercial units and i have only sold commercial units, so we are a good match. I have tried to get him to make a more residential unit in a plastic body that has lower end components that will still be fine for home use.

The problem is that he will have to deal with totally different suppliers and unless i do a huge order, there is no big price break for him, and thus for me. And i design a mold for a plastic body is expensive as well. So i have not been able to do one for around $300-$400.

But i have used some cheap ones in my early years and if they work out of the box, then they will probably work for a while and be useful. If they do break, it may not be worth the hassle of trying to repair them, as many of the companies that sell these cheaper units do not know how to repair them. But if the warranty policy is good, they may either replace your unit or be able to correctly repair it.

While $200 steamers really are not too useful and effective in a detail business, or a commercial cleaning business, they certainly can work in a home. So i realize that i cant get every sale and have a machine for every use. Even some hand held steamers may be of good use to you. So i do suggest to go cheap first and see how that one works and maybe get a slightly more expensive one if that does not meet your needs.

If i may, with your permission, can i use your kind words on my site somewhere? I do appreciate the time you took to write, even though you will not be purchasing from me. I do hope to have a more affordable unit in the near future that is still better than most out there now. I continue to look and petition my manufacturer for us to be able to make one like this very soon. Thanks again

Kleen Car/Vapor Chief”

3rd Email, customer’s follow up.

“Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your kind and prompt response.

I was actually not expecting a response, but I do thank you for responding.

And yes! By all means, please feel free to use my words anywhere on your website and wherever you feel comfortable.

And if they need to know if I am a legitimate person, my name is Mark Nash and I live in Pearland, Texas, a city just south of Houston, Texas.

I am happy to help out. I just found the website so refreshing.

The other item that is key to point out is that I like the fact that your product contains the heavy duty material and I believe that there are more than enough commercial business for your company.

So, please do not feel an obligation to lower your standards or to create a substandard product in order to accommodate the residential market space.

I do like your idea of that maybe I should try a smaller steamer first before I spend $2,000 on the Chief 125. (Much longer story on why I would do something like that and use it once or twice a year… Let’s just say… I have a unique personality. Lol…)

For now, I have decided to give up some features so if I give up the requirement of needing to be able to power steam a car, then I am only focusing on budget in choosing between the Bissell Handheld ($30 – $50) and the McCulloch 1385 ($200) and one of those might work for my needs.

Since my primary concern is my shower, I might end up with the Bissell, but we’ll see.

Thanks again for your kind response and happy holidays.


4th Email, our response.

HI Mark,

Thanks again. One cleaning trick that may make a difference, especially with a smaller cheaper steamer. Even with my units, i have commercial people cleaning bathrooms, hotels etc. It seems soap scum does not dissolve well with just steam alone. You will need a little bit of a cleaner prayed on the surface before steaming. Use a hard nylon brush and actually scrub the surface. Just spraying steam puts on a good show, but does little to clean if it hits the atmosphere too soon before the surface. To clean faucets and toilets, you will just spray steam but very close to the surface almost dragging the tip of the wand along so you retain the heat and clean the best

Clean small areas then wipe up what you have released. This will save pressure as much as possible and you will have to wipe the area anyway as it will be a combination of wetness and dirt. You do not want that to dry again and do it over. Good luck with whatever you buy. I am sure it will be effective.