Chief Steamer Mini 65 vs Other Residential Steamers

Why We Believe Our Machine Is The Better Choice

Let us make the case for our Chief Steamer Mini 65. Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions at all.

The Chief Steamer Mini 65 is our version of an entry level or residential steamer. We have found this category of steam cleaners to be extremely crowded in the entry level version. We have seen some have very low capacity and much lower heat and pressures that will coincide more with non-commercial and home use.

We wanted to enter this segment and also offer a lower priced residential steamer. But we wanted it to perform. And of course, we wanted our current manufacturer to produce it. It was actually not that easy not easy to make a cheaper steamer to compete with many others, when we are currently producing commercial steamers. Here’s why:

  1. Our current manufacturer has never made a home or residential steamer. Only commercial. Of course they could make one. But getting less expensive components and bringing in components that were currently not in stock was still not that cheap.
  2. We did not have a smaller boiler that was of good quality. So one had to be developed.
  3. We wanted to use the same type of accessories we currently use for a few reasons. But the kit is more expensive than what we could have used.
  4. We did not have an External heater in a lower wattage to mate to the smaller boiler. One had to be sourced as we demanded an external heater
  5. We originally wanted a plastic body that we knew would be lighter, and quite frankly, more attractive, than our commercial stainless bodies. But we did not have a mold for plastic, and making one is extremely expensive. So stainless needed to be used, which was going to raise the price no matter what
  6. As we said, we wanted a certain level of performance. Our customer are used to good pressure and heat. They are used to great reliability, and ease of service. All this had to be taken into consideration in the development of this machine. But price was always a concern on top of all the other items mentioned above

So……..We had to compromise. We did produce what we will call an entry level or residential steamer. It will do well for home use in most cleaning situations. We think we have excellent specs for this category.

However……it’s less expensive than our other commercial steamers (but not cheaply made, or cheap). We had to give up a few things which we explain in our introduction video to get there. You will see that we are not the cheapest entry level machine out there. There was just no way we could get it to that price point. There will be many that are still less expensive.

We cannot compare our Chief Steamer Mini 65 to all of the entry level steamers out there. We think we have a “tweener”. It’s not what our commercial machines are. But it’s a very nice performer. You will see our specs are better than many others in this category. But we also are a bit more expensive (but not by too much). You will decide what you really need out of a steamer to determine the performance level you may require, or the price you are willing to pay for the performance.

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