Chief Steamer Mini 65 vs. DuPray One

Price Difference

DuPray One

Chief Steamer Mini 65

Why We Believe Our Machine Is The Better Choice

Let us make the case for our Chief Steamer Mini 65. Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions at all.

If you have looked at a Dupray One steamer for home use, we are sure you may be impressed by its appearance, price, specs, reliability, and the company itself. It’s a great machine for residential use if you do not need or want a commercial machine.

But we do want to introduce you to our Chief Steamer Mini 65. This is our version of a residential steamer. Previously, we did not have a residential steamer. Our commercial machines start at the 75 and go from there. But we think the NEW Chief Steamer Mini 65 slots in very nicely and will be all you need to clean your home and even your car, and other light to medium duty uses.

We found that our new Mini 65 and the DuPray One are very similar. So we want to show you the slight differences and let you choose for yourself what may be the best choice for you.

DuPray One

  • 51 PSI
  • 1.2 Liter Boiler (we are not sure if this is total volume or how much water it holds)
  • 6.2 foot detachable hose
  • 1400 watt heater
  • 10.5 pounds
  • Steam volume control on gun
  • Pressure gage
  • Great warranty- lifetime on the boiler and 3 years on components
  • Excellent hose and attachment kit for a steamer in this category
  • A few more cloths than what we provide, as well as a small fill funnel and drain tool
  • Their price $549

Chief Steamer Mini 65

  • 65 PSI
  • 2.0 liter (total volume boiler)
  • 8 foot detachable hose
  • 1500 watt EXTERNAL heater
  • 12.5 pounds
  • Steam volume control on gun
  • NO pressure gage
  • Great Warranty- Lifetime on heater and boiler. 3 years on internal electrical parts. SAME as our commercial machines
  • Less cloths, no funnel or drain tool, but horsehair brushes included (2 of each of EVERY brush)
  • Our price $399

These 2 machines are fairly similar. We do think we beat them slightly on many specs. You may or may not notice these differences in performance as using a steamer in a residential setting, the higher specs do not make as much of a difference.

To be more fair to the folks at DuPray, their ONE machine which we are comparing to, is not their least expensive model. We are comparing to the steamer of theirs that is most like our Mini 65. And there will be other steamers from different companies that will still be less expensive than ours. We could not get to that price point with what we have done here.

We love the look of the Dupray Steamer. Its lightweight and an attractive plastic body. We do not have a mold for a plastic body, so we made this machine out of the same grade of stainless as our commercial machines. You may or may not like our shape (yes, it’s a boring rectangle), lack of color (steel is steel), and it does weigh 2.5 pounds more. But we hope you will think that does not make much of a difference. We do hope that you think that slightly better specs and a lower price will make a difference for you. And although DuPray has a great name and reputation in all of the machines they make, we know we also have developed a very good reputation as well. As always, you decide and choose for yourself. Please also view our introduction video (at the top of this page) on our Mini 65 to see how and why we developed this one.

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