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So….. you are thinking about purchasing the VX5000? It’s a great machine. It’s been THE standard for a while, and it’s fairly priced. But before you buy that machine, we want to introduce you to the Chief Steamer Single Pro 75 and make the case that we have a very competitive machine at a better price.

Chief Steamer (on sale) Price


An excellent Commercial Grade Steam Cleaner

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Quite simply, an excellent commercial steam cleaner with the some of the best specs in its class, with a “residential steamer” price tag. Once you compare ours to the VX5000 and the other popular brands, we believe you will see this will certainly perform as well or better than many of the others.  Our heavy use customers prove it on a daily basis, as well as our warranty proves it.

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Anything really. The pressure and the heat of this little workhorse will clean most anything. If you do not need a continuous refill steamer, this is the one to choose. There is plenty of heat and pressure for most jobs. around the house, or on commercial jobs, this steamer will get the job done.

Why We Believe Our Machine Is an excellent choice

Let us make the case for our Chief Single 75 machine.  Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions at all.

sCommercial grade – Both VX5000 and Chief Steamer Single pro

Boiler type – Both stainless steel

Hose length – VX5000 12 feet, Chief Steamer Pro 12 feet

Power cord length – Both VX5000 and Chief Steamer pro 14 feet

Boiler size – VX5000 3.5 liter, Chief Steamer Pro 3.1 liter

Pressure gage – Both VX5000 and Chief Steamer pro- heavy duty steel

Detachable steam hose – Both VX5000 and Chief Steamer Single Pro use a removable steam hose

Country of origin – Both VX5000 and Chief Steamer Pro made in Italy using ALL Italian parts

Reputable companies – Both VX5000 and Chief Steamer Single pro sold by reliable and professional companies that know steam technology very well So far it’s a “push”. Both machines are well made and have similar specs above. Even with a slightly larger boiler by one half liter, a great name and reputation, we still feel this is not a reason so far to choose theirs over ours. But keep reading and comparing

Heater wattage – VX5000-1600 watt internal heater which is fine. A lower wattage heater will slightly increase heating time and slightly reduce recovery time. The Chief Steamer 75 uses a 1750 watt external heater which heats fast and recovers fast. We also think the external heater radiates the heat around and through the boiler just as fast as an internal heater. As well, over time, any internal heater will develop some calcium and corrosion (if the boiler is not periodically drained and cleaned) and that will slow the heating and recovery process

Heater type – VX5000 uses a conventional coiled, internal heater within the boiler. Over time this type of heater may corrode and lose heating capacity as it develops calcium deposits and corrosion. Replacing an internal heater can be problematic. If old gasket material is not completely cleaned, and bolts tightened to specs, leaks can result. The Chief Steamer 75 Single uses an EXTERNAL heater that is not submerged in water. We feel it still heats and recovers just as fast. It’s also much easier to replace if ever needed. This is our opinion. We know most other companies use an internal heater and they are of high quality and will last. But we always prefer external

Heater warranty -VX5000 2 years. Chief Steamer 75 Single – LIFETIME warranty

Boiler temperature – VX5000- about 300 degrees. Chief Steamer Single pro about 315 degrees

Steam pressure – VX5000- now at 70 PSI. Chief Steamer Single Pro 75 now at 85 PSI

Steam pressure settings –VX5000- 3 settings, low, medium, and high, electronically controlled on the steam handle. Chief Steamer 75 Single, infinite pressure adjustment. We use a regulator valve that delivers the volume and pressure from zero to full blast. YOU control it from the valve and we eliminate electronic solenoids.

Brushes –VX5000 has a bunch. Chief Steamer 75 Single admittedly comes with less. However, the brushes on the Chief Single 75 pro  stand up to heavy duty use and take a while to wear out

Horsehair brushes – VX5000- we are not sure. they are not listed . Chief Single 75 pro has 2 of each size. We have found that horsehair is the preferred brush to clean leather and most vinyl surfaces without doing damage. Most other steam cleaner at this price will come with horsehair brushes

Attachments – Both VX5000 and Chief Steamer Single pro have similar common attachments for any cleaning purpose. We upgrade you as well with a very cool 3 hole nozzle to disperse steam better in certain applications.

Water injection-VX5000 uses boiler water to force water into the steam hose. This is called “injection”. Its a nice feature. But it’s not a true injection system. The injection comes from water within the boiler. Robbing boiler water for this feature will greatly reduce steam pressure and run the boiler out of water quickly if used often. The Chief Steamer 75 Single does not have this feature and we feel you will not miss it So far, both machines seem to be neck and neck. The Chief Steamer 75 Single has a little more heat and slightly more pressure which is always welcomed, especially for difficult steam cleaning chores that require a little more pressure. The Chief Steamer 75 Single uses a steam delivery system that not only provides great pressure, but also provides excellent steam “volume”. We do this by the size of the opening in the solenoid valve to deliver steam into the hose. We deliver both good pressure and volume and a great recovery time.

The VX is a great steamer. People love it. Its been around for 20 years and you certainly cant go wrong with a machine built like that. But we think ours is just as good and we have a little more pressure which may be helpful. Ours is similar but there are slight differences as you can see. We have made you aware of these and its up to you to decide. And we do offer a lower price which we also think is very helpful

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that you need.

The quality of our accessories is exceptional. The long and heavy duty hose will hold up to hard everyday use. The brushes are a high quality that will not wear quickly. There is a very nice 3 hole nozzle that most steamers do not have, the VX does also have one, and is extremely useful. Both machines use high quality attachments that will stand up