Dupray Tosca vs. Chief Steamer Single 75 Pro


Thinking about purchasing a Dupray Tosca? Its a nice machine. Please read about our Chief Steamer 75 Single  before you do. Before you buy either machine, we want to introduce you to the Chief Steamer Single 75  and make the case that we have a just as good a machine at a better price.

Here are some comparisons

Dupray Tosca Specs

  • 72.5 PSI
  • 316 degrees
  • 10 foot detachable hose
  • Steam setting on handle- but only 3 settings (low, medium, high)
  • 1600 watt heater in the boiler (yes its replaceable, but it’s in the boiler)
  • 4 liter stainless steel boiler
  • Heat time of 7 minutes??? It seems difficult to heat that much water at 1600 watts in 7 minutes.
  • Italian made
  • 23 piece attachment kit

This is a very nice machine. We know who make these in Italy. They are a very good company. HOWEVER, we want to compare this steam cleaner against our Vapor Chief 75 Single


Chief 75 single pro

  • Now at 85 PSI
  • EXTERNAL and fully replaceable 1750 watt heater
  • 3 liter stainless boiler with a lifetime warranty. OK, it’s one liter less which will cut down working time slightly. Advantage to the Tosca. But we feel 3 liters is fine and will not run out of water very quickly.
  • Heating time of about 8 or 9  minutes. We are realistic and have timed it to full pressure.
  • Full Italian made
  • Free upgrade to an 12 foot detachable steam hose
  • FULLY adjustable pressure from zero to full blast. Why is this better? First you have a full range of pressure adjustment instead of just 3 settings. Second, there are less electronics and solenoids the way we do this. This lowers the price and the chance of more stuff breaking or leaking
  • About 315 degrees of temperature inside the boiler

These machines do spec out very close. They do have a bigger boiler. We have a longer hose and higher wattage heater. You may or may not see advantages either way. But if price makes a difference, look at ours.