Chief Steamer Refill 100 vs. ANY Ladybug steam cleaner

We don’t quite fully understand all the Ladybug steam cleaners. Their line is a bit confusing in our opinion. We will try to compare these as well as we can after looking at their models. They have been around a long time and make very good steamers. But its hard to figure out which you would buy

All of their models seem to be Continuous refill which is helpful and safer. They all use a stainless steel boiler. Of course our Chief Steamer Refill 100 has all of this plus far more and more pressure and heat than ANY of their models

Their lowest priced machine (at $1150) has no pressure gage, only has 60 PSI, only has a 6.5 foot hose, and has a lower warranty than ours. Its a little cheaper sure, but you can compare and see if it’s worth the small savings for this machine

Their next machine seems to be almost the same but incorporates a pressure gage. The specs are the same but the pressure gage seems to make that unit $267 more expensive. Their TANCS disinfection system is an additional upgrade.

Stepping up to their next machine, you will get more pressure at 80 PSI, the same non steel pressure gage, a higher wattage heater at 1700, a bigger boiler at 2.0 liters (2.2 quarts). TANCS is still an option. The hose is still rather short at 6.5 feet. But you do get the tool storage built in. That price is $1706. This is still without their TANCS disinfection.

Their top of the line machine keeps the same pressure and heater, but curiously uses a much smaller boiler but also curiously has higher temperature at the same pressure. We don’t quite buy that. They trade in the pressure gage for a digital display and offer TANCS as standard. This price is $2155

All of the pricing mentioned is as of 7/2016

Are you confused? We sure are. They lay out their machine well on their website but it’s kind of confusing picking a model you may like and what feature may work best and what price range you may be in.

In a Chief Steamer refill 100 as by now you know the heater is EXTERNAL. So we do not worry about having disinfection system that eliminates calcium in the boiler and on the heater. We keep it external and have a drain plug on the boiler. We feel this is sufficient.

You also know we are NOT a big proponent of a plastic body machine in ANY commercial application. We have seen too many people damage and break plastic bodies to use them. We use only a stainless body in ALL of our Chief Steamer models

But the bottom line in comparing ANY of the Ladybug steamers and our Chief Steamer Refill 100 is specs and price

They make an excellent machine and have been around for a long time. However, we have better specs than ALL of their models. We are cheaper than ALL of their models except one. We feel we are a very good choice compared to theirs