Many of the other refill or continuous fill steam cleaners-
Many may NOT be true commercial grade. Just because a steam cleaner is a “refill” or “continuous fill” model, it does not necessarily mean it’s a commercial unit. It simply means it will refill the boiler automatically and there is no down time. The Chief Steamer refill 100 is a true commercial grade and is built to a very high standard. Most of our customers will use their steamer all day long and every day.

Many of the other refill steam cleaners have lower pressure at between 60-75 PSI. That is a big difference when you need heavy duty cleaning and need more pressure to do it. You also can use lower grade components in a lower pressure machine. The Chief Steamer Refill 100  steamer is a now at 110 PSI starting pressure

Many of the other refill steamers only have 3 pressure settings (low, medium and high) This is electrically controlled on the hose gun and with solenoids on the inside of the machine. The Chief Steamer Refill 100 PSI uses a steam adjustment “valve” where you dial in the EXACT pressure or steam volume you want at any moment. This also eliminates the need for additional solenoids inside the machine.

Many of the other refill steamers have lower heat due to the lower pressure. Remember that heat equates to pressure. The less pressure you are working with, the less heat you will have in the boiler. In many cases, there is still more than enough heat. But it’s nice to have more when you need it. The Chief Steamer 100 Refill steamer produces 335 degrees of heat inside the boiler. All steamers lose a bit of heat and pressure through the hose and at the exit. Ours will as well, but starting the pressure higher will retain more of both.

Many of the other refill steamers have shorter hoses. They generally use a shorter hose as the steam volume is generally lower and the pressure is lower. The Chief Steamer refill 100  uses a 12 foot long hose with a 3 foot extender now available. We can do this based on the higher pressure and the higher heat output. We have always had people tell us how much they wished they had a longer hose on the steamers that they previously had, before purchasing a Chief Steamer Refill 100

Many of the other Refill steamers have a lower wattage heater and an “internal” heating element. We speak in depth about the advantage of our EXTERNAL 1750 watt heater that we use on the Chief Steamer refill 100 description page. This allows us to offer a LIFETIME warranty on our heater and decreases the chances of calcium build up and corrosion inside the boiler. We feel our EXTERNAL heater also heats the water in the boiler in a more even fashion so there are no cold spots inside the boiler. We like external. Many other companies will tell you that this type of heater is cheap and you have to have an internal heater. We do not agree and we have had more issues with internal heaters than external heaters in the past.

Many of the other refill steamers certainly do offer a stainless steel boiler. But there are various grades of stainless. The Chief Steamer Refill 100 PSI steamer uses a super high quality Stainless steel AISI 304 boiler which meets all industry standards. many of our competitors will use the same quality, but some do not. These boilers can handle far more pressure than what we put on it. But some stainless boilers are just not as thick and can actually wear or corrode. We offer a lifetime warranty on our boiler, as do many others.

Many of the other refill steam cleaners also use a stainless steel body or outer shell. But some use a plastic body. They are pretty and have nice colors. WE HATE a plastic body for obvious reasons. We have seen too many break due to harsh use. Our bodies are made of a high grade stainless steel, not plastic. Its expensive to replace a plastic body as all the components needs to be swapped over

Many refill steam cleaners come with a wide variety of attachments. The Chief Steamer refill 100 offers the same. Our hose and attachments are heavy duty. You will never know by looking at a picture, how good or bad a hose is or the attachments are. You will only know once a hose fails or the attachments break or wear quickly. Again, most of our customer are heavy duty users and are very hard on their steamer. We make sure the hose, the gun, the nozzles and all the brushes are of very high quality. Some of the other refill steamers do not use a very heavy duty hose and attachments. But its impossible to tell until you have one break.

We TRULY do have to use upgraded components to reach this pressure and heat. Sure, you can adjust pressure to get anywhere you want. But the components have to be able to handle the constant pressure and heat so the machine holds up under heavy use. If you do not use upgraded components, you will have issue sooner than later. Our customers are mainly car washes, auto detail shops, car dealerships, car manufacturers and car rental companies. These are some heavy duty customers and they put our machines to heavy duty use ALL DAY long. We need our machines to be TRUE commercial grade. We have specific build sheets on many of our components just for us. While its true many steamers use some of the same family of components, many are made to handle lower pressure and heat. We source the highest rated components to handle what the steamer is put through every day

So now our price compared to most other refill steam cleaners
We currently sell our Chief Steamer Refill 100  steamer at $999. This is a very fair price for what you get. We know that there are many other refill steam cleaners out there that have “LOWER” specs and are MORE money! We hope after you research ours and some of the others, you will come back and choose us based on quality as well as price.

However, we also have seen some refill steam cleaners at a slightly lower price than ours. Not much lower, but slightly lower. We urge you to take a closer look at any of these and then to carefully compare to ours. You will also see that our specifications are mostly better. And to get to the higher specs, we do have to use higher grade components which do cost more money. So, if you desire, or require the higher specs that we provide and need the confidence that your machine is going to hold up to heavy duty use, it is going to cost a little more than the other refill units that claim they have such a low price. We think we have a high performing and high quality steam cleaner out there at a great price