Warranty of the Chief Steamer

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    • If the machine needs to come back to us for repairs, we pay shipping BOTH WAYS during the ENTIRE warranty period of 3 years. This is only if we make the decision the machine has to come back to us for repairs.  Once its back, we will put it at the top of the work list and get it done as fast as possible.
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Our Standard Warranty

Every Chief Steamer is built to the highest standards and tested at the factory before being shipped. It should be in perfect operating condition when it arrives at your location. However, if a part or component malfunctions during the warranty period, it will be replaced at no cost to the user during the warranty period. The Warranty is as follows against manufacturer defects.

  • Lifetime warranty on the stainless steel boiler
  • Lifetime warranty on the external heating element
  • 3 years on all the internal electrical components

The warranty will cover…

  • Electrical parts replacement under the warranty period
  • Our labor to install the part if the machine needs to be sent back to us.
  • Cost of shipping a repaired machine back to the customer within the first year
  • Cost of shipping a defective machine from the customer back to us within the first 180 days
  • The warranty period begins from 5 days after the invoice to the customer
  • Electrical parts that prove to be defective. Shipping of parts to the customer will be included for the first 180 days of use. After that, the part (if determined to be defective) will be covered, but shipping will be paid by the customer.
  •  We will coach the customer on its replacement. This reduces down time and possible damage in shipping of the steamer. We will NOT cover labor for the customer to install the part

The warranty will NOT cover…..

  • Replacement machines. If a machine is older than 30 days, it will be repaired, not replaced. All repairs bring a machine back to full operating capacity.
  • Gun and hose parts that will wear or be subject to abuse
  • Cosmetic items on the machine that have no effect on its use or operation.
  • Parts and components subject to wear and tear such as O-rings, brushes, boiler caps, and accessories that have failed from abuse or, over use, and not defects. Wands and brushes are NOT warranty items


Machines are set from the factory to certain settings for a reason and components are chosen for these specs. In NO instance should this machine be tampered with internally. Serious injury can result. Any person who attempts to modify or “adjust” settings within the machine will have the warranty voided. If a person opens the machine without pre-authorization from Chief Steamer and posts pictures or instructions on how to modify the machine, legal action will be taken.

Kleen Car/Chief Steamer is not responsible for any damage done to something being cleaned with steam. Care should be taken in cleaning any surface or material. Certain surfaces may react to steam in various ways. It is up to the user to clean an inconspicuous spot before cleaning a large area if there is any question as to how it may react. As well, combining a cleaner with steam will generally make the cleaner more potent. Safety for the user and the object being cleaned is top priority.


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