Chief Steamer vs. Other Industrial Steam Cleaners

You may have already seen some of our comparisons against specific brand steam cleaners where we go head to head and carefully explain the differences and where we think we are better and still less expensive. Combine our great Chief Steamer models with our extensive steam cleaner knowledge and customer service, and we feel our brand cannot be beaten.

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We know there are more steam cleaners out there than ever before and it’s confusing to choose which one. But we hope that in your research you will find ours to stand above the others. We will give an overview of what we see out there

Look at some key features of other brands and then look at ours

  • Plastic bodies- we cannot use them. They break easier than you think. We have been there and done that. They will not hold up to users who abuse machines. It should not even be an option in a commercial application
  • Short steam hoses of 8 feet or less. We have seen some very expensive machines with 6.5 foot hoses or 8 foot hoses, or at most, 10 feet. They will claim that you cannot, and should not, make a longer hose as you will lose pressure and develop too much water condensation. This is partially true if the machine is poorly engineered and has poor pressure and heat, or cannot recover quickly. We give you an 12 foot hose in our Chief steamers.  And we do not lose much pressure and have too much water condensation
  • High pressure of 60 or 65 PSI-This is not considered “high” pressure in our opinion for a commercial machine. This is standard pressure in most steam cleaners and lower grade components can be used. Our Chief 75 single pro is now 85 PSI. Our chief refill is 100 is now 110 PSI and our chief 125 car wash steamer is now 135 PSI. That is high pressure….and it holds very well
  • Replaceable heating elements-We would hope that you can replace a heater. However, we have seen and have sold machines where the heater is welded into the boiler and sealed in. We do not sell these machines any longer. If a heater failed, you are purchasing BOTH a heater and new boiler and its extremely expensive. So some of these steam cleaner companies are claiming that they have a “replaceable” heating element. It should be like that. What is still a slight problem is that the heater is INSIDE the boiler and exposed to water and can eventually corrode and fail. Yes, we have seen it. We also see calcium develop on heating coils which make it harder to heat the water. And then replacing it means cleaning the surface where the heater mounts to the boiler. It absolutely has to be cleaned perfectly, removing ALL gasket residues and ensuring the new heater is installed and torqued correctly or there will be leaks. This is difficult to do for even the most experienced technicians. We use an EXTERNAL heating element which has a LIFETIME warranty and is super easy to replace and the heater never touches water. While certainly not the only way to heat water, we prefer this to all other heaters.


  • Self-cleaning machines- We still do not know exactly what that means. We have been doing this a long time and have heard some pretty cool words and terminologies to describe how a boiler cleans itself and is an “option” on the steam cleaner. How will you ever know if the boiler is cleaning itself?? We instruct our users to drain the boiler once a week to keep the calcium from forming. It’s that simple
  • Super high pressure- Some steam machines that advertise super high pressure have rather poor steam delivery and volume when you watch their videos. They may use very small “restrictors” in the boiler that limit the flow of steam out of the boiler. By using a small restrictor, you can keep pressure drop at a minimum and advertise fast recovery time. But if the pressure coming out of your wand is rather weak and low on volume, does it really matter how much pressure there may be in the boiler? We try to balance that with very good pressure and very good steam delivery.
  • Incorrect temperature ratings- Temperature and pressure go hand in hand. Most people have no idea what temperature the boiler is so the manufacturer can tell you what they want and you will never know. We have seen some crazy temperature ratings that in no way can be there or the pressure would be far higher than what they advertise. Its hard to clarify temperature inside the boiler, but there are specific calculations on what is should be based on the pressure. ALL steamers will have more than enough heat for most cleaning tasks, but more is always helpful as well as more pressure. They go hand in hand.
  • Only 2 or 3 steam settings-Many steam cleaners have a low or high setting, or a low, medium high setting. We have an infinite control valve where you dial in what you need. It’s simple and we use LESS electronics to do this. Wouldn’t you rather have LESS electronics that can break and MORE steam control?
  • Zillions of brushes-Sure, many companies will give you tons of brushes. But some may not hold up well and will not last or the bristles will lie down quickly. We do not give you quite as many but they last. We also have provided very important horse hair brushes in ALL of our steamers since we started selling them
  • Who fixes it if it breaks?-Anything may break and need repair at some point in time. Then what happens? Do you need to fill out a complicated return authorization form? Will they need a credit card deposit to even look at a machine that should be under warranty? How long will you be without it? Do they actually know how to repair it and will they have parts in the USA? We generally do not even need to take your steamer back. We generally know what is wrong by you explaining the problem or sending a picture or 2. Then we expertly explain to you how to repair it if you think you can do it. We send the part and you repair it in maybe 30 minutes. We can repair these machines rather easily and we stock every single part. If you do not feel you can fix it yourself, we are happy to do it here and will turn it around as fast as possible.
  • Price- In most cases we are cheaper than many of the competitors if you look closely. We deal direct with the manufacturer and we help engineer these machines and we know what we want. We do not “over-engineer” the steam cleaner and make it too complicated. Remember, we need to fix them at some point and we want the job to be easy. If it’s too complicated it will break faster, be harder and more expensive to repair, and frustrate the customer. We have seen many poor performing, more expensive steamers than ours. Do your research and read what we have on this site. Call us. We know that after speaking to us for a few minutes, you will have confidence in us and receive a great deal.

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