Comparing the Chief Steamer single 75 pro to Daimer KleenJet 200S
Before buying the popular Daimer KleenJet 200S please look at what we have to offer and see for yourself

  • Commercial grade– Both Daimer 200S and Chief Steamer Single pro
  • Boiler type- Both stainless steel
  • Hose length– Daimer 200S- 10 feet, Chief Steamer Single Pro 12 feet
  • Power cord length– Daimer- not listed- Chief Steamer Single pro 14 feet
  • Boiler size– Daimer 200S- 4 liter, Chief Steamer Pro 3.1 liter
  • Pressure gage– Daimer uses a pressure gage that is listed in Bar only and we do not know what it is made from- The Chief Steamer Single pro- heavy duty steel pressure gage in both Bar and PSI
  • Detachable steam hose- Both Daimer 200S and Chief Steamer Single Pro use a removable steam hose
  • Steam pressure– Daimer 200S- 75 PSI. Chief Steamer Single Pro now at 85 PSI
  • Country of origin– Both Daimer 200S and Chief Steamer Pro made in Italy using ALL Italian parts
  • Reputable companies– Daimer 200S and Chief Steamer Single pro sold by reliable and professional companies that know steam technology very well

So far it’s almost a “push”. Both machines are well made and have similar specs above. Even with a slightly larger boiler by one liter, is not a reason so far to choose theirs over ours. We have a slightly longer steam hose. But keep reading and comparing

  • Heater wattage– Daimer 200S uses a 1600 watt heater. The Chief Steamer single pro uses a 1700 watt heater. Not a huge advantage but every little bit helps heat time and recovery
  • Heater type- Daimer 200 S uses a “replaceable” heating element. This is true that they say some steam cleaners have the heater and boiler all in one and may cost up to $600 to replace. We know that all too well. However, ANY internal heater in time may corrode and lose heating capacity as it develops calcium deposits and corrosion. Replacing an internal heater can be problematic. The new one needs to be sealed perfectly and tightened to correct torque specs. Their “replaceable” heater must be installed perfectly or it will leak out of the opening in the boiler. In many cases this is not a “do it yourself” job.
    The Chief Steamer Single pro uses an EXTERNAL heater that is not submerged in water. It still heats and recovers just as fast. It’s also much easier to replace if ever needed. Because of this, we warranty the heater for life and it cannot corrode
  • Heater warranty Daimer 200S- 3 years. Chief Steamer Single pro- LIFETIME warranty
  • Boiler temperature– Daimer 200S- 310 degrees. Chief Steamer Single pro 315 degrees
  • Steam pressure settings- Daimer 200S They do not say but we assume its 3 settings, low, medium, and high, electronically controlled on the steam handle. Chief Steamer Single Pro, infinite pressure adjustment. We use a regulator valve that delivers the volume and pressure from zero to full blast. YOU control it from the valve and we eliminate electronic solenoids.
  • Brushes- Daimer 200S has a bunch and they upgrade you to a bunch more. Chief Steamer Single pro admittedly comes with a few less. However, if the bristles are cheap and lay down almost immediately, you will need more brushes. The bristles on the Chief Steamer Single pro brushes stand up to heavy duty use and take a while to wear out. Our brush prices are slightly higher than Daimer but nowhere near the $20 they claim other models are priced at.
  • Horsehair brushes– Daimer 200S has NONE. Chief Steamer Single pro has 2 of each size. We have found that horsehair is the preferred brush to clean leather and most vinyl surfaces without doing damage. NO other steam cleaner at this price will come with horsehair brushes
  • Attachments– Both Daimer 200S and Chief Steamer Single pro have similar attachments for any cleaning purpose. We upgrade you as well with a very cool 3 hole nozzle to disperse steam better. This is a huge help in cleaning leather and fabrics
  • Water injection-Neither Daimer 200S or the Chief Steamer Single pro use water injection from the boiler

So far, both machines seem to be neck and neck. The Chief Steamer Single pro uses a steam delivery system that not only provides great pressure, but also provides excellent steam “volume”. We deliver both pressure and volume and a great recover time.

So with both machines seemingly having the same specs and we feel we have a few more advantages where they matter the most…..the question is “Would you buy a Daimer based solely on a recognizable name?”
We think they make a very good machine and it’s a very fair price for what you get. However, the Chief Steamer single pro stacks up more than favorably, and wins in many comparisons, and its less money

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