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75 PSI Chief Steamer
75 PSI Vapor Chief Steamer

Chief Steamer “Single” Commercial 75 PSI Steam Cleaner

$ 759.00


100 PSI Chief Steamer
100 PSI Vapor Chief Steamer

Chief Steamer 100 PSI Commercial Refill Steam Cleaner

$ 1,049.00


125 PSI Chief Steamer
125 PSI Vapor Chief Steamer

Chief Steamer 125 Car Wash Industrial Steam Cleaner

$ 1,899.00



We know you have now heard of steam and its effectiveness in cleaning just about everything, including cars…..or you would not be here.

Now we have a bunch of videos throughout this site, so if you do not want to read too much about steamer and about how we came to develop these, then you can go directly to the videos. But here is a little background information to help you make the choice to purchase a Chief Steamer.

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Bought their 125 steamer and it arrived in the middle of a detail. Took about 2-3 days to arrive which I’m super…

Posted by Ivan Balderrama on Wednesday, August 12, 2020


My background has been in auto detailing. We have been pretty big in the industry and have worked with many of the leaders of the industry.

We have worked closely with Optimum Polymer for many years and helped develop some of their great products. We have attended and spoken at many industry events over the years. We created the BMW North America detailing training program many years ago and have implemented these practices in their training facilities across the country. We have trained detailers from all over the world, and have had one of the leading detail training programs out there. We also have run a successful detailing business for many years. So, to sum it up, we know detailing!


We had used steam cleaners for a very long time before selling them. We tried the cheap ones, the in-between ones, the expensive ones. All had some merit. All did a better job in helping to clean a car than the conventional methods. And all were a better solution. But of course, with the way auto detailers need to use equipment, we found many models did not last as long and didn’t perform as well as we wanted them to at all times. We then started selling other companies machines with some limited success.

With that experience, came knowledge of the technology and how they worked. We now know what we want, how to get them built to stand up to detailer use (meaning all day, every day), and selling them at great prices so they can be affordable, reliable, and high performing steamers. We feel we have a Chief Steamer that will work for you. And we know how you need to use one to get the job done. Have confidence in us and let us show you why we think we are the choice for your steam cleaner purchase.

Quality product. Great service.

I've had my chief 100 for about 5 years now and my guys use it daily and are pretty hard on it.
It's still going strong. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Posted by Troy Armstrong on Thursday, July 30, 2020

Take a look around. Watch some or all of our videos. Give us a call. We have a steamer that will fit your needs and be competitively priced. Thanks for visiting


Watch and let us introduce to you the Chief Steamer lineup for Auto Detailers. Once you have we are confident you will see why so many Auto Detailers choose us as their choice for Industrial Steam Cleaners for their Auto Detailing business. 

Cleaning Car Interiors the “Old School” Way Without Steam

In this video we explain the “old school” way of cleaning a car interior without a steam cleaner and why its outdated, slower and less effective than steam.

In this video, we explain why the Chief Steamer 125 may be the best choice for cleaning both the exterior and interior of a car and how it can be used for 3 different car cleaning operations.

Chief Steamer 125 For Car Detailing

$ 1,899.00


In this video, we explain why the Chief Steamer Refill 100 may be the best choice for your car detailing business. It’s our best selling steamer and becoming the standard for detailing cars with steam.

Chief Steamer 100 For Car Detailing

$ 1,049.00


In this video, we explain why the Chief Steamer 75 may be the best choice to use in your car detailing business. It’s our cheapest steam cleaner, but certainly not a cheap machine. It’s great for car interiors and for detailers that only may do a few cars per day.

Chief Steamer 75 For Car Detailing

$ 759.00