Car Wash Steamer – Chief Steamer 125 Injection (now at 135 PSI)

Especially designed to meet the needs of people who need to wash a car without large amounts of water. This is the perfect option for a shop with no floor drain, a mobile detailer, or car washing in winter weather

We know if you need a steam cleaner to wash a car, it needs to be a very good quality steamer. This is the best, all around interior/exterior unit you can buy! Washing a car with steam is a totally different procedure. You CANNOT use conventional car wash soap. You will be using new technology polymer based cleaners that are called “waterless” as they do not need pre-rinsing or post rinsing to be effective With steam alone you CANNOT be effective in washing a car, And with only a “waterless” washing product alone, you CANNOT be effective in washing a car as well. They need to be used in combination. However if you have a small, very low pressure, interior steam cleaner, it wont help all that much in washing a car. But you do NOT need a gigantic steam cleaner either. The bigger diesel fired steam cleaners are certainly good machines and they will greatly help in washing cars. However, if you are not running a car wash business you really don’t need that model. If you are not constantly washing car after car, why buy a bigger, more expensive, diesel steam cleaner that cannot be used indoors? Also, these diesel fired or propane steamers wont be able to do much on the interior. There are no real brush attachments and the steam is too wet to truly be effective on interiors. So again, if you are not using a steam cleaner to run a car wash business, why buy a bigger one if you don’t have to? We have a new choice. We have a car washing steam cleaner that is small and compact, has awesome pressure when you need it, but is totally adjustable when you do not need it. It has great brush attachments for use on interiors and more. It also has a much more affordable price than the larger steam cleaners.

Chief Steamer “Car Wash” 125 PSI Commercial Steam Cleaner

See The Chief Steamer “Car Wash” 125 PSI Commercial Steam Cleaner In Action

The Videos below for the Chief Steamer 125 are for exterior cleaning. Of course, this machine will be able to clean interiors. Please see our chief steamer 100 refill machine to view interior cleaning videos. Cleaning the interior with the chief steamer 125, you will use the machine at less pressure.

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Chief Steamer “Car Wash” 125 PSI Commercial Steam Cleaner

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