2020 Detail Survey

We were looking at the newest issue of the Auto Laundry News, and their 2020 detailing survey.

We see under the type of equipment used, curiously only 20% of all detailers surveyed use a steam cleaner. We would hope by now you think the use of a steamer in car detailing would be a big help and time saver, and sort of a no brainer in 2020. But according to the survey, only 20% have one. And of that 20%, what kind are they using and how effective is it for them?

Are they employing the more entry-level Chinese made machines that actually are not going to be a big help for detail use? Or are they using a more commercial steamer such as a Chief Steamer? Why not put yourself above and beyond your detailer competition by at least investigating a steamer for detail use, and using something that will clean more effectively, save you time, and make you more money.


Go to http://www.carwashmag.com/fileadmin/pdfs/ALN_2020_Detail_Survey.pdf for full article on http://www.carwashmag.com/